7 Healthy Ways to Cope with Emotions by Writing


When life gets tough, it can be difficult to find ways to cope with your emotions. It’s important not to go down the wrong road and not to hurt yourself physically or mentally.

Bad things are always going to happen in your life, so you should learn to deal with the pain. Here are a few healthy ways to cope with your emotions by writing.

1. Write what’s bothering you

Write down what’s bothering you about your life and reread what you wrote. Often you are not sure what the real cause of your grief is, but by writing down the issues, you can find out what’s really bothering you.

It’s also an excellent way to relieve your feelings if you don’t have anybody to talk to. Understanding what’s the problem is the first step to fixing it.

2. Write a letter

Although speaking to someone is usually best, sometimes it can be better to write a letter. If you know the person is going to get too angry to listen to you or cut you off, she/he might respond much better in a letter.

Try to be as blunt as possible. Rewrite your letter a few times until you have a letter that will not backfire. Also, make sure that your words are not too hurtful.

3. Tear the letter up

If there’s one person that’s bothering you greatly, write a letter to them. Again, be as blunt as possible and write the reasons why you are upset with them and make sure you include all details.

When you’ve written all you have to say, throw away the letter. Now that your emotions are released, have a calm, yet serious conversation with them without getting angry.

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4. List your goals

Everybody wants to be happy. If you are not happy with your life, try writing down the things that you really want to change. When you list your goals, it gives you a general idea of how you’ve got to deal with your situation.

If you think your goals are too large, break them down into smaller ones. When you have smaller tasks to accomplish daily, it will make you feel accomplished.

5. Write down your favorite moments in life

When you are upset or you have a really tough day, think of all your best memories in life. Write down them and explain why they’re so happy.

Remembering the times you’re happy will make you feel better and appreciate the fact that you have so many fantastic memories. Keep in mind that the fun is not finished and there is much more to come in the future!

6. Get your creative juices flowing

Make a story about a character that lives an ideal life. What traits did you give a character? What personality does she/he have? When you realize how you perceive perfection, you get a better idea of why you are thinking and feeling that you don’t measure up.

7. Enjoy creative writing

Now, make a story about a character that is going through something very similar to you. It will be therapeutic for you to describe how the character feels. It’s like secondhand venting. Give it a try, it will definitely help you.

Whether you write a journal every day or you never write anything, try one of these ways and it can make you feel better after a hard day. Now, ladies, tell me please, has writing helped you through difficult times?

Do you know any other ways to cope with emotions by writing? Share them, please.