Brighten Your Dark Winter Wardrobe


Long chilly nights and short days of winter can mean a lack of fashion excitement. If you don’t like your current choices it’s time to freshen and brighten up your wardrobe.

I can certainly say that it is not so difficult as you think! By picking up several new pieces and re-evaluating your neutrals, you can add color and liveliness to any ensemble. Here is a list of 7 tips to brighten your dark winter wardrobe.

1. Wear neutrals

Wearing light neutrals is one of the best ways to brighten your dark winter wardrobe. If you wear darker colors during the winter months, try to add a pop of grey to your everyday look. To brighten things up you can also try white, beige, or pastel blue.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should wear only neutrals. A dark pencil skirt with a beige sweater can also brighten your look because it breaks up your darker pieces and creates contrast.

2. Tie color in

You should remember that one pop of color won’t brighten your full ensemble. For example, don’t wear bright pink shoes with all black clothes. It’s awful and it’s not the way to brighten your dark winter wardrobe!

Make your outfit flow by adding some other pieces that complement the focal point of what you are wearing. I suggest donning a printed belt in a matching hue or earrings that tie in the brightest color of your outfit.

3. Start small

You can start brightening your winter wardrobe with only a few small pieces. Most people scare when they try to transition into wearing color. That’s why to start small with a pastel or bright clutch.

To punch up another neutral outfit you can also use accessories, such as sunglasses or bangles. In this way, you can brighten your look without overwhelming or stepping out of your comfort zone.

4. Complement your skin tone

It’s important to wear what works with your skin tone. If you like bright pink but it doesn’t work with your skin color, it will not work for you. There are plenty of light colors to choose from, including mint greens, light pinks, blues, floral oranges, and pinks.

So if you have pale skin, white, beige, and pastel colors will help to make your skin pop. If you have a darker skin tone, try bright blue, yellow, and orange colors.

5. Wear a scarf

One of the easiest ways to brighten your look is to add a nice scarf. If you think that your outfit is monochromatic, try to wear a scarf underneath your blazer.

You can also wear a scarf around your head and tie some colorful scarves to your bag in order to add a touch of color there. Just make sure that your scarf complements the pieces you wear. Your clothes should flow. That’s why if your eye stops at one point, you should add another piece of the same color.

6. Experiment

With so many colors to choose from, there is nothing to fear! Just have fun and don’t be afraid to experiment.

If you like wearing neutrals, you can experiment with some lighter hues when incorporating color. It may be frightening to draw attention to yourself, however wearing a white shirt over a greenish-blue tank top can create a really lively look.

7. Freshen up your makeup

Brightening your makeup is an easy and effective way to add color to your look, especially if don’t have enough money. Of course, everything depends on your comfort level, but you may try to paint your nails with a bright polish or just wear bright red lipstick.

If you’re bolder, then try a bright pink or tangerine lipstick that can help keep your look bright and cheerful. Neon eyeliner, especially if worn with light neutrals like grey or white, can also create a loud pop.

Brightening your dark winter wardrobe is easy. Just pick up some choice pieces or even a new bright lipstick, and you can easily brighten up your overall look. What other ways to brighten a wardrobe do you know? Share your thoughts, please!