7 Popular Clichés You Should Avoid When Writing


In any creative endeavor it’s extremely important to stay unique, so there are some clichés you should always avoid when you write. After all, you do not want your reader to fall asleep during a dramatic scene. When writing, it’s desirable to create your own descriptions and metaphors to be more successful. Here are a few most popular clichés you should stop using when writing.

1. Life lessons

If you want to write about life lessons, you should phrase everything in your own words. Avoid using such common phrases as every cloud has a silver lining, absence makes the heart grow fonder, or it’s a blessing in disguise. If you are fond of writing, you should certainly come up with something wonderfully creative. Besides, this is a great way to test your writing skills.

2. Affection

When you are in love, everything may feel like a cliché. But when you are writing, it’s better to describe love in a creative and more unique way. Don’t stick to the script. Portray love as you feel it, and avoid using such phrases as “he pressed his lips against mine” and “he smelled like heaven.”

3. The color of eyes

When describing the color of the eyes, you should be very careful. Forget about phrases like “his eyes were as blue as the sky” or “her eyes shone like the sun.” Don’t compare eye color to anything, or try to make a metaphor that has never been used before. You don’t want to hear the same phrase over and over again, don’t you? Your readers don’t want it too.

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4. Senses

You have heard, seen, and smelled millions of various things in your lifetime, so why not relive those great experiences by writing them down? For instance, take a bite of the tasty dessert and try to describe it with 5 senses. Try to describe the sound of the crunch, the feel of the dessert on your tongue, and the scent it releases. But make sure you don’t use such common clichés as “the cake tasted like heaven” or “his voice sounded like a melody” etc.

5. Sleeping

Such phrases as “his eyelids were heavy” and “she slept like a baby” must definitely be avoided when writing. While it feels natural to write down the common phrases that you constantly hear, you have to learn how to avoid using them. Remember, your work must be absolutely your own and in your own words. So the next time you find yourself writing the phrases that you have heard many times, make sure you delete it. Trust me, your own words will be much better than anyone else’s.

6. Crying

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired to read the phrases like “she cried a river of tears” dozens of times. You should be very careful when writing emotional scenes. Your readers should be pulled in, right? But with a clichéd description, they will be pulled away. Think of your feelings when you cry and write them down using your own words and phrases. It will be much more effective and creative than rewriting words and phrases that we have all heard plenty of times before.

7. Some little phrases

Finally, avoid using little phrases like “At the beginning of the day,” “At the end of the day,” or “In this day and age.” A cliché is not always a full sentence. It can be a single word or short phrase. While it’s okay to write down the things that you often hear, you should avoid using the things that you have heard too many times.

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Avoid using these common clichés and begin creating your own phrases, and you will see a big difference in your storytelling. Are there any popular phrases that bother you when you see them? Please share your thoughts in the comments.