8 Things Your Ex Should Never See in Your Text Messages


Breaking up with someone you had serious problems in the relationship with is really a smart decision. It`s better to avoid further communication with that person because it can hurt your deepest feelings. However, sometimes we do irresponsible deeds and this case is one of those times as well. Even though, you may feel texting him is necessary and you`d not have a chance to live a fully happy life without doing it, this feeling will fade away soon. I can make you sure that texting your ex is something you should never do and here are the things he shouldn`t see in your text messages…

1. “Why you didn’t answer me?”

If you text him and he doesn`t answer, it means he doesn`t want to communicate with you. There`s no need to ask why he doesn’t respond you because everything is clear and you know it well. If you do so, you just show that you still think you can be together and he may use it to hurt you because you`re not together anymore, which means he`s not the one you need. Don`t let your ex laugh at you and better respect yourself a bit more.

2. Ranting

It`s over, he`s not your boyfriend anymore. Don`t use rants in those texts to your ex because now you`re just his past and you have no right to teach him how he should live. Let bygones be bygones. Don`t run after that guy again and again. Besides, he may show your messages to his friends and they may simply make fun of you behind your back. Don`t let anyone treat you badly – be proud of yourself and believe that you’ll find your true love.

3. Lovely nicknames

Most couples often use private lovely nicknames when being in a relationship. But your bond is over and you shouldn`t call him the way you did it before when everything was fine. You`re not in a relationship so why do you continue hoping to live a happy life with that guy? Using lovely words in your texts can turn to be a misunderstanding and it can make him frustrated about you two.

4. “Hi! How are you?”

It may be necessary to tell him about some clothes you want to get back from his apartment. This way texting your ex is actually normal. However, that message shouldn`t contain anything else except the information you want to tell him about. Don`t start your message with “Hi! How are you?” Say directly what you need to say and that`s all. Just get to the point at once.

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5. “What are you doing?”

You`re no longer in a relationship with that guy and asking him how and what he`s doing is definitely wrong. Your past should stay in past. There`s no need to text him if there`s nothing really crucial to say, especially if you know he doesn`t want to hear anything about you anymore. If you two are truly meant to be together, you`ll definitely meat each other again in future but you shouln`t try to pretend like nothing happened and continue texting him.

6. “I’ll kill myself”

Some girls are afraid to be lonely and they`re ready for anything to make their ex come back into their life. A really terrible thing you should never ever text him is that you`re ready to kill yourself if he wouldn`t get back with you. You don`t want a guy to be with you just because he doesn`t want to feel guilty if you die. Furthermore, only a selfish girl can say this because this way she shows that her life is the only thing she cares about. She doesn`t ask about what he wants, she just makes him have no other choice but date her again.

7. “I miss you”

Sending him a message saying “I miss you” is another bad idea. Don`t make this mistake. It`s better to call him and explain that you feel really terrible about that breakup and want to try to keep your relationship going again, if you really think so. Talk to him and find out what`s his attitude towards you instead of texting him and waiting for the answer for the whole night.

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8. “Do you have another girl?”

He may have a new relationship or fall in love with someone else. If it`s so, his life isn`t your business anymore. You shouldn`t ask him if he has someone else now because you can start dating another guy without your ex’s permission. You`re young, beautiful and ambitious so move on and finally forget about that mistake. Don`t spoil his life and take care of yours instead.

Stop wasting your time texting your ex. If he didn`t cope with you, he`s not the one you really need to have in your life. If he`s the one, he`ll text you first. It`s simple. Don`t let anyone make fun of your texts. Don`t open your heart to the person who doesn`t want to know anything about you and simply don`t waste your precious time. Each and every breakup makes a girl become a woman and gives her a vital experience. What did you want to text your ex after your breakup?