6 Useful Ways to Get Over Your First Love


The first love typically leaves the sweetest and fondest memories in a person’s life. If you’ve just broken up with your first boyfriend, I know how it can be hard to get over him. But it’s still possible.

The man thing to remember is to never give way to despair. Take a look at the list of 6 useful ways to get over your first love.

1. Avoid tracking him on Facebook

If you don’t stop tracking your ex on Facebook, getting over your first love will not be possible. It’s so tempting to know about what he’s doing, writing, or which girl he’s talking to.

However, following up on your ex’s life will only cause you more suffering. It’s better to block him from your profile.

2. Throw away all of the things that remind you of him

One of the best ways to get over your first love is to throw away all of the things that remind you of him. Believe me, you just need to get rid of all those memories.

Delete his emails and texts, throw away all the presents that he gave you and forget his name. This way may seem very drastic, but it can really help you to forget him more easily.

3. Shift your focus in life

Instead of thinking about the past start focusing on what lies ahead of you. Take up new hobbies, work more than usual or pursue new interests. Keeping yourself busy all the time is a tried and true way to forget your first love.

4. Read some inspirational stories

Reading inspirational stories helped me to get over my first love, that’s why I highly recommend it to you. You can read stories in magazines, books, and on the Internet and find out how other women have successfully gotten over the suffering of losing their first love. You will understand that the loss of first love is common.

5. Think of the good times of your relationship

Stop thinking of all the bad memories of your relationship, instead think of all the good times you had with your first boyfriend. It’s important to realize that the time you spent with your ex is not in vain.

6. Spend more time with your friends

Finally, sharing your experiences with your close friends and hearing their opinions will make you feel much better about yourself. Their support will make you feel that you did the right thing by forgetting your first love. If your friend has been through a similar experience, you can relate to them and see that getting over the first love is possible.

How did you get over your first love? Please share your tips with us.