8 Great Traits of a Sagittarius Woman


People who were born under this zodiac sign are so lucky indeed. They can always prove their opinion and they are strong individuals in general. They tend to do their best to help others and often forget about themselves.

If you`ve ever noticed some negative features in their character, be sure there are a lot more positive ones too. So if you want to find out why it`s so cool to be a Sagittarius, check out the list below.

1. Hard working

A Sagittarius is all about hard working and being a dedicated employee. Whatever job they have, they do anything possible to do everything perfectly and on time.

They can easily get promotions – they only need to want it. Sagittarius women are responsible and they don’t fear to do difficult projects, which makes them great employees.

2. Good sense of humor

A Sagittarius is the one who can find any situation funny. They prefer to laugh rather than to cry and it`s a great trait that helps them a lot in life.

Some people feel depressed during the difficult times while a Sagittarius finds something positive in any situation. Their positive attitude helps them be healthy and feel happy no matter what.

3. Thoughtfulness

Sagittarius women are incredibly thoughtful. They like to think and never hurry up when it`s needed to make a decision.

They don’t panic when they don`t know what to do – they think and meditate instead. It`s a perfect trait others love in Sagittarius individuals because if you ask them a question, they will always pay enough attention to it – they never give a fast answer just to say at least something.

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4. Generosity

Sagittarius women are generous by nature. They can`t ignore your grief if they have a chance to help. They often volunteer and inspire others to do the same.

However, they don’t let others take their help for granted. They help only those who truly deserve it. Since they are rancorous, it’s extremely difficult to earn their trust back.

5. Philosophy

People of this sign like to think and to talk a lot. They`re interested in philosophy, they like to think carefully about all the details and aspects of the problem before taking any action to solve it.

They actually like to talk more than to act. This may be bad at times but usually it helps Sagittarius women to avoid making hasty conclusions and doing unnecessary actions.

6. Positivity

Most Sagittarius women have an optimistic attitude towards life. There`s almost no time when you can see these people frowning and being in a bad mood.

They always try to see the bright side of a situation they are in and stay positive no matter how difficult it is. You`d like to be around these people when you go through hard times because they`re able to inspire you and give a new hope.

7. Listening skills

All Sagittarius women are great listeners. You can share your deepest secrets with them without worrying that they can tell them someone. A Sagittarius isn’t a big fan of gossiping. If you have something you want to talk about, vent to someone of this sign and you`ll have a great chance to get rid of negative thoughts and find a solution to your problem faster.

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8. Talents

Sagittarius women are amazingly talented and they don’t hide their talents. If you are a Sagittarius, be proud of all your talents.

Sagittarius women have something more than just dancing, singing, sport, etc. It can be something like the art of persuasion or the ability to solve all the problems in a few seconds.

Just like all women, Sagittarius women are amazing. They`re always ready to help, listen and, they are good-humored and all these traits make them perfect friends.

They`re also able to think carefully and invent unusual decisions and fresh ideas. They`re hard workers that have unique talents that help them succeed in life.

What other positive traits of a Sagittarius do you know?