8 Secrets to Attract an Aquarius Man


Aquarians are all eccentric personalities. It is easy to fall in love with them, but it is so hard to win their hearts and make them stay with you forever. Aquarius men are picky about who they date. They will never be with you because you are trendy, beautiful, or smart.

Moreover, they will never be with you even if you will be the best in the bedroom. If you have trouble starting a relationship with your Aquarius crush, here are a few secrets that will help you win his heart.

1. Become a friend first

Do not expect your Aquarius crush to jump into a relationship after the very first encounter or date. Take it slowly. Let him know you better. Aquarians are incredulous.

Most of them have trust issues, so time is your weapon here. Become friends, spend more time together and he will gradually open up to you and see that you could be his soulmate for good.

2. Do not follow the crowd

Aquarius guys have a special attitude towards people who follow the crowd. The reason is valid. They never live up to someone’s expectations. They follow their dreams and trust their inner voice.

Probably your Aquarius crush is no exception. You do not have to do some weird things to draw his attention or act like a crazy clown to impress him. Just be yourself. Those who follow the crowd never stay themselves.

3. Surprise him

Although Aquarius guys are not as romantic as other zodiac signs, they love surprises. Unless you overdo it, your Aquarius crush will love that little coffee date, picnic lunch, or a short road trip.

You can also cook his favorite meals or write an inspiring email or text to boost his spirit when he is trying to deal with rough times. The sky is the limit. Make sure you do not buy expensive gifts, otherwise he will quickly say goodbye to you.

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4. Leave your drama for your girls

Aquarians appreciate peace and they strive to live in harmony with everything and everybody surrounding them. If you tend to gossip, moan, scream or complain, your Aquarius-crush will certainly run away from you.

Instead of suffering from drama, focus on philosophical ideas. Ask your Aquarius crush about the meaning of life, unfairness, or how to be in tune with nature, and you will have the topic to discuss for hours.

5. Develop positive thinking

Pretty challenging, huh? Aquarians are afraid of everything negative. Whether they are superstitious or meticulous, they never waste their time on people who see only negative things in life.

On the one hand, it is good. On the other hand, they are bad at supporting those struggling with difficulties. Anyway, if you want to build a long-term relationship with an Aquarius, having a positive attitude is a must.

6. Stay patient

Winning the heart of an Aquarius man requires baby steps and tons of patience. Do not let your emotions ruin the whole process. When you feel like you are ready to give up on him, take a little break from him.

Do not be clingy and give him enough time to think about you. He will call you in 2 days or less as soon as he notices you stop keeping in touch.

7. Trust him

While it may take a long while for an Aquarius man to start trusting you, he is sure that he does not need to do anything to win your trust. This is the problem with Aquarians. They are so confident in their personalities that rarely see their own drawbacks.

It is up to you whether he is worth your trust or not. Keep in mind Aquarians rarely forgive those who deceive them, let them down, or hurt their feelings. Be honest with your Aquarius crush regardless of the situation you are in.

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8. Become a volunteer

As awkward and strange as it sounds, becoming a volunteer in order to win a man’s heart is an option too. Not to mention that you will do 2 good deeds at once: the first one is for nature and people and animals in need and the second one is for yourself. Suggest your Aquarius-crush volunteer together each weekend and you will not notice how quickly they will fall in love with you.

Despite all their negative traits, Aquarians make wonderful partners. They are not afraid to commit and have high moral obligations. Dating or marrying an Aquarius is a blessing and a misfortune at the same time. If you are ready to take this challenge, why not?