8 Best and Worst Traits of Virgo Men


Virgo men are analytical and practical by nature. They are very judgmental, not only with other people, but with themselves as well.

Being in a relationship with a Virgo man is a real challenge. He’s likely to get bored in relationship. You can’t predict his mood and you may often feel like he is never satisfied with his life.

Although a Virgo man has lots of flaws, there are some pros of dating such a man. If you want to know more about Virgo men, keep reading to discover some of their best and worst Virgo traits.

1. They’re caring

Virgo men are always ready to help people in need. They are very emotional at heart, and that makes them sympathetic. But if a Virgo man sees that his help isn’t appreciated, he’ll never help you again, regardless of the situation.

Most Virgo men are unforgiving. So if you are in a relationship with a Virgo guy, appreciate his care, efforts and actions. Otherwise, you won’t see him again.

2. They’re good observers

Virgo men pay close attention to the smallest details. They are good listeners and great advisers. When in relationships, Virgo men can’t express their true feelings, but they will always notice when their women have problems and do anything possible to help them.

3. They’re finicky

This is one of the worst traits of Virgo men. A Virgo guy is unbearably tedious and finicky, even about the smallest things.

He always wants every thing to be done in his manner. He tells you what you should do today and how you should do it, even when it comes to washing, cooking, grocery shopping and cleaning. He is dominant so a strong and independent woman isn’t for him.

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4. They’re reliable

You can easily trust Virgo men, because they are highly reliable by nature. They don’t budge in any situation and stand firmly by their decisions.

When in a love relationship, Virgo men remain loyal and committed to women they love. Virgo men are awesome friends, though it’s hard to make friends with them.

5. They’re intrusive

It’s another worst trait of Virgo men. Dating a Virgo guy is like dating a mom. Really, he wants to know every detail of your life. He can call you all day long, and even chase after you if you ignore him.

It’s hard to break up with him and harder to stay in a relationship with him. Of course, it all depends on you. If you love dominant men and freedom scares you, then a Virgo guy is your destiny.

6. They’re good decision-makers

Virgo men are extremely good at making decisions. Before taking any decision, they don’t think a lot.

They know what they want, how to answer to any question and take a difficult decision in a matter of minutes. Overthinking isn’t for them.

If you want to take a short road trip today, your Virgo man won’t start looking for excuses. He will make your trip unforgettable!

7. They believe in perfection

Virgo men are absolutely obsessed with perfection. They don’t accomplish the task unless it’s perfect.

When in a relationship, Virgo men crave perfection. They don’t admit their mistakes and stay away from women that tend to commit lots of mistakes.

Unfortunately, most Virgo men don’t understand that no one is perfect. They believe they live perfect lives and hate those who tell otherwise.

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8. They’re critical

Virgo men are very honest by nature, and that makes them very critical at times. If he doesn’t like your dress he will tell you. If you are bad at cooking, be sure he will tell you.

Virgo men are not afraid to criticize even when they know they will hurt people they love. While honesty is a good trait, being too critical isn’t the positive one.

Just like other guys, Virgo men have many advantages and disadvantages. They are confident, stubborn and a bit selfish. However, they are loyal and responsible in any relationship – be it a friendship or a love relationship.

Have you noticed any other positive and negative traits of Virgo men?