8 Choices You Won’t Regret Making in 2016


We all have experienced feelings of regret. We have made wrong choices and procrastinated on many opportunities. I regret missing a lot of important things in my life. Now that a new year is almost here, I want to start it with no regrets. I want to learn how to make choices that I will never regret. I want to wake up on December 31st, 2016 with a sense of self-pride, accomplishment, and happiness. I know what regret is and I don’t want to feel it anymore. If you’re in the same boat, check out the choices you won’t regret making in 2016.

1. Delete your online accounts

There are many benefits of using social media and dating websites. They allow us to stay in touch with those we can’t see in real life. However, there are many more downsides they have. You don’t want others to download your photos and use them in some black magic rituals. You don’t want thieves to know your personal data. Social media accounts can tell a lot of essential information about you. You can use email or Skype to chat with the nearest and dearest, after all. Not only will you protect yourself by deleting your social media accounts, you will boost your productivity and remove distractions from your life.

2. Share a meal

Be it a friend, a homeless child or a stray animal, share your food with them. Sharing a meal with a friend or a parent is an excellent way to build a strong bond, create warm memories and strengthen a relationship. Sharing some food with homeless people or animals is one of the best ways to make the world a better place and to make someone’s day. The world is full of greedy people, so don’t be one of them.

3. Start a gratitude journal

The importance of gratitude is immense. It’s universally known that grateful people live happier and longer lives. In 2016, start a gratitude journal. You won’t regret it. Recognize your life as a gift and stay grateful for those little things you have. I once died in my dream and when I woke up I was so thankful for being alive. This dream changed my life completely. I appreciate my life, keep a gratitude journal and don’t regret about it.

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4. Be more present

Choose to be more present in 2016. Take frequent breaks from your smartphone and laptop. Live in the present. Enjoy the beauty around you, not the screen of your phone. Checking your feed every 5 minutes won’t make you happy. Plus, you won’t remember what you saw online in 10 years, which means you will have nothing to share with others. No funny stories. No awesome memories. Nothing.

5. Give encouragement to others

We can’t escape the difficult times. We can encourage each other, though. If you know someone who’s going through the hard times, encourage them to stay strong. Your words of encouragement don’t necessarily have to be complicated and philosophical. Just say what your heart wants to say. Even if no one supports you during a difficult situation, show others that you are better than they think.

6. Take a stroll

Whether alone or with someone you love, take a stroll each day. Why? First of all, because it’s good for your mental and physical health. When walking, your stress and worries fade away and new ideas and goals appear. When you walk and talk to your mom, friend or stranger, you stay present in this world. You find out more things about nature and people around you. Leave your phone and iPad at home or in the workplace. You won’t need them.

7. Smile and laugh

Life is rough but it’s also very short. You don’t know when your end will come (you don’t have to know!) Smile and laugh as often as you can. For no reason. Just smile. Life is beautiful, trouble isn’t trouble and problem isn’t problem when you spend each day with a smile on your face. In 2016, master an art of smiling and laughing for no reason. You will like it, I promise!

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8. Speak up

Stop hiding your feelings. Don’t suppress your feelings. You don’t need to sacrifice yourself in order to keep peace with others. If someone doesn’t like what you say, do you need them in your life? I don’t think so. You are capable of becoming who you want to be, but you won’t do it if you continue to suppress your feelings and thoughts. There will always be someone who’ll want to support or destroy you. Keeping silent isn’t a way out.

There’s nothing worse than living the life you don’t want. The feeling of regret is powerful. It has ruined the lives of many people. Don’t let that feeling to destroy your own life. Make smart choices to feel no regret down the road. You are able to become the best version of yourself. You simply need to want it. What do you regret the most? I wish you joy and happiness in 2016.