5 Reasons Many Guys Hate Texting


Texting is one of the fastest ways to get in touch with your significant other. But did you know that there is such thing as a texting habit? There are actually good and bad texting habits and some of them make guys hate texting.

Have you tried texting a guy and he didn’t text back? Or maybe, you have been chatting with a guy for a while and all of a sudden he stops replying your texts. If the second applies to you, have you ever wondered why? It is more likely that you have one or more of the bad texting habits that make guys hate texting.

What are the things guys hate about texting? Check below to find out!

1. It distracts them

Text notifications have a way to make a person feel disturbed, distracted, or anxious. Sometimes, a guy can be busy at work and does not want to be disturbed. If you keep sending him a lot of texts around such a time, you are definitely disturbing him, and he will not be happy with this.

This is more annoying for the guy if the content of your multiple texts is just random, senseless gist, or something that is not relevant to the guy. This habit makes some guys hate texting.

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2. The feeling of responsibility

He is trying to figure out how to execute an important task at work, and he gets a text notification from you. Do not expect him to reply immediately, especially if you know he is surely going to be busy at work. Do not forget that he even hates the idea of being disturbed while he is busy.

3. It takes your attention away

This one goes without saying. Guys hate this. If a guy is talking to you about something important, and you are busy texting someone else, instead of paying full attention to what he is saying, the guy may end up getting angry with you.

4. They hate being ignored

When a guy sends you a text, he is eager to receive your reply. If you keep him waiting for too long, you may piss him off. Guys hate when you ignore their texts too. In fact, when you ignore their texts, they tend to consider you as too proud and offensive.

5. The short replies

Never ever reply a guy with just “K” for “okay,” especially if the guy has written an epistle. Replying with just “k” is like killing him. They prefer if your reply is in the same amount of words with theirs, or even in more words.

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So now you know some of the bad texting habits that actually make guys hate texting. Do you have any of the bad texting habits? Is it affecting your life or relationship? If it is, then maybe you should fix these areas so you do not chase all the good guys away.