7 Exercises to Tone Upper Arms


With summer coming up you can start getting your arms ready for those swimsuits, tanks and sun dresses!

If you are looking for some easy ways to get your arms fit and toned, I’ve got some exercises to tone upper arms so you will still get wonderful results as if you followed some hard workout!

1. Sitting upper arm exercise

If you are stuck sitting at a desk all day, try this upper arm exercise while you give your eyes a break. Sit in your rolling chair and lift your legs. Keeping your legs elevated, roll yourself towards and away from the desk. That easy move will help tone your lats and biceps for a toned and tight upper body.

2. Arm circles

Another exercise to tone your upper arms and your shoulders is to do arm circles. I often do them while watching TV or while I’m on the treadmill.

Stand with feet shoulder width apart and stretch your arms out to your side at shoulder height. Keeping your shoulders down, do 15-20 circles backward and forward.

3. Side plank

This is another great exercise to tone your upper arms. With this exercise, you will not only tone your upper body, but also improve your flexibility.

Start in a regular plank position, raise your right arm straight up to the ceiling and press into the edge of your left foot while rotate your hips and stack your feet. Try to hold this position for at least 15-30 seconds.

4. Wall push ups

Standing in front of the wall, stretch your arms out at shoulder level. Now, place your palms flat on the wall, bend at your elbows as if you’d do regular push-ups, and do at least 20 reps.

The best thing about this exercise is that you can do it almost everywhere and as many times as you want!

5. Biceps curl

This is a classic exercise to tone your upper arms and it really works! For this exercise you will need some hand weights. Standing with your feet shoulder width apart and with your hands holding the weights down by your sides, bend your arms at the elbows to curl your weights up toward your shoulders stopping at chest height. Lower your back slowly to the starting position and do at least 15-20 reps.

6. Steering wheel press

Place your hands on the steering wheel and press them inwards to strengthen your chest.

Now, press your palms outward to work your rear deltoid muscles. Try to hold every press for at least 10-20 seconds and tone your upper arms while you fight traffic and boredom!

7. Walk-out exercise

This is a great exercise that can help you tone up your core, chest and triceps.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and squat down and walk your hands out till your hands are under your chest.

With your fingers angled in, lower your chest and walk your hands to your feet. Do at least 10-20 reps.

Just because these exercises don’t require lots of equipment or weights, it doesn’t mean that they are not effective. What is your favorite exercise to tone your arms? Share your thoughts, please!