7 Sure Signs You Are Adulting


With the older generation keeping telling us that we have to grow up, many of us wonder if we are already adults at our age. 30 somethings can act like teens and sometimes 20 somethings do things that make them grown-ups. If someone tells you that you need to finally become an adult, do not be too hard on yourself. Here are some definite signs that you are adulting no matter what others say:

1. You stop skipping your meals

Adults take care of their bodies and always nourish them with all the essential nutrients. Skipping any meal, especially breakfast, is an unhealthy habit that most college students have. If you have never skipped your meals, then pay attention to what you have on your plate. Are there enough veggies and wholesome foods on it?

2. You manage your finances smartly

Shopping till the last dollar? Overspending on clothing? Running into debts because of a new car? Adults are guilty of tons of financial mistakes, but they control their finances on a regular basis. They pay the bills on time and try to pay down any existing debts fast. Most importantly, they start saving hard for their future and traveling.

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3. You listen to classical music

When you’re in your early 20s, you are less likely to just try listening to classical music. However, even those who have been listening to hard rock for a decade begin to enjoy classical music when they are adulting. There is something soothing, uplifting, relaxing, and motivating about this kind of music that helps grown-ups cope with their life problems better.

4. You take a responsibility for your words

Saying before thinking is not about you anymore. You think before you utter a word, it is one of the undeniable signs you are adulting. This habit makes you a great conversationalist and reduces the risk of offending anyone with your words.

5. You have no punctuality issues

Creative people are always running late is just another excuse to hit that snooze button. When you are adulting, you start to value other people’s time so you try to show up on time. The same goes for your project deadlines. You complete all the tasks in advance to avoid extra stress.

6. You go to bed early

Maybe it is because you are not in the mood for daily parties or because you have finally realized that getting enough sleep is vital, you do go to bed early even on Fridays. When you get seven to eight hours of sleep, you have a higher energy level and overall you function well.

7. You create a daily schedule and stick to it

Gone are the days where you had no idea what to do when you woke up in the morning. As an adult, you plan your day or week and so you are aware of your tasks, meetings, and errands before each day comes. When you fail to plan your day, it becomes messy and absolutely unproductive.

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So, are you adulting? What are the other signs that prove that someone is growing up? Remember that you do not have to show all of these signs to be an adult, but there is always a room for self-improvement.