4 Alternative Sleeping Cycles to Increase Your Waking Hours (Infographic)


Sleep is vital for our health and it is recommended to head to the bed 7-8 hours before we have to wake up the next morning. But an eight-hour sleep schedule is a luxury these days. Many people are trying alternative sleeping cycles that work best for them.

Lack of sleep can affect your productivity

Unfortunately, in most cases, these experiments result in serious health issues, including sleep deprivation, chronic stress, heart disease, anxiety and depression. A lack of sleep can affect your productivity and energy levels.

Alternative sleeping cycles

Honestly, I am against all those alternative sleeping cycles and believe getting 7 hours of sleep is a must. But if you are ready to experiment with your sleeping habits, check out the infographic created by Sleep Matters that explains the four sleeping patterns and their pros and cons. I bet you did not know about them. Let me know what you think about the infographic in the comments after reading through.