5 Incredible Things to Do on Friday the 13th


It is Friday the 13th, ladies, the only one so-called scary Friday this year. We all hate Mondays and love Fridays, but when it comes to the number 13 and the word Friday, most people dread this day. Is it a superstition? Worse. It is another excuse that people use to avoid responsibility for their mistakes and mischief.

After all, it is easier to have something to blame, like Friday the 13th, which is considered a traditionally unlucky day, than realize that you did something wrong. No more excuses, here are the things you should do today to never dread Friday the 13th again.

1. Something important to you

I have always been told to avoid starting doing important things on Mondays because it is a bad luck. You know what? Now I start any difficult project on Monday and accomplish it successfully. I am also not afraid of black cats, if one crosses my path I feel happy because I know that it is for good luck.

Break the old superstitions and stop following the crowd. Do what is really important to you today. You will see that it is just an ordinary day. Friday the 13th may even become your lucky day.

2. Adopt a black cat

Really, why not? If you are afraid of black cats, why not become an owner of one? You will see that black cats are as cute as white ones. Plus, you will give a poor animal home and family. Unfortunately, people who want to adopt a cat or any other animal, avoid black color. You are not them, so be unique and give a black cat or dog a chance. They deserve it.

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3. Fight your biggest fear

Whether it is a fear of future, insects or loneliness, Friday the 13th is the perfect time to get rid of this fear. Many people around the world believe that the power of Friday the 13th helps to figure out the root of the fear and find the way to beat it for good. So, I am going to get rid of one of my fears today. Let’s see if it is true or just another myth.

4. Take a walk

Seriously, stop hiding in your room and waiting until Saturday morning comes. Get up and go for a walk. Nothing bad will happen to you, I promise. Honestly, I can’t understand people who are so afraid of Friday the 13th that they cancel all their plans and stay home all day long. If you are one of them, it is time to change the tradition. Call your friend or grab your puppy and have fun in the park.

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5. Have a Friday the 13th movie marathon or party

Are you a party junkie? Host a Friday the 13th theme party with black cocktails, cupcakes, punch, and creepy decorations. Let’s call it a second Halloween party. Instead of dreading the day, enjoy it.

Don’t feel like throwing a party today? Have a Friday the 13th movie marathon. Whether alone, with a partner, or friends, spend the Friday the 13th evening watching your favorite shows and movies. Saturday morning will come faster and you will forget about your fear.

Do you still dread Friday the 13th? Don’t waste your time on meaningless fears. It is just another day in your life. Besides, it is Friday! It is jello shot time! Have fun and do not let the superstition ruin your plans. What are you going today?