8 Surprising Benefits of Having a Gay Friend


Having a gay friend is like having a brother. He may be your soulmate, your source of support and inspiration. Your GGF can point you in the right direction and will not add drama to your already dramatic life. Most importantly, he will love you for who you are and no matter what you did, do and will do.

Surely, these are not all the perks of having a gay friend. It is just the beginning. But let’s skip a long introduction and discuss the most wonderful reasons to make more gay friends. I personally have a gay man as my BFF and I am grateful for having him in my life.

1. He will help you build a long-lasting relationship

No matter what gay guys have in their minds, they do understand the nature of man. Moreover, they do understand the nature of woman. That is a huge bonus. My gay friend has helped me and my partner build a healthy relationship and we both owe to him. The perk is my boyfriend does not get jealous when I hang out with my GBF all night long.

2. He will tell you straight up that you look like Sandra Bullock in ‘Miss Congeniality’

Obviously, you are not her. But we girls have all those bad hair, skin and dress days. While your boyfriend will lie and tell you that you look gorgeous, your gay friend will be honest with you. He will tell you about those oily locks, fatty belly, and your first wrinkles. Yea, it hurts a bit, but you are not going to become the best version of yourself unless someone will tell you about your flaws.

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3. He will become your best shopping partner

Though it is not the most important reason to have a gay friend, it is still a perk. Gay guys have a fantastic sense of style and they usually enjoy long shopping trips. If you love shopping and your boyfriend find a new excuse every time you are going to purchase a new dress, call your GBF. He will gladly and patiently hold on to your purse while you are trying hundreds of dresses on.

4. He will listen to you anytime

Gay men have great listening skills and they make the most awesome conversationists ever. But keep in mind, they have feelings, emotions and fears, too. Do not treat your gay friend like a wingman only, though. Be there for him. Just like you, he needs someone to moan about his relationship drama too.

5. You will find out what genuine loyalty is

A gay friend is unbelievably loyal. He will not turn his back on you if you get in a trouble or commit a serious mistake. He will support you, without question and hesitation, anytime. But do not take advantage of his loyalty. Many gay guys are highly sensitive. Once you hurt his feelings, you will not see him anymore.

6. He will make you use your talents daily

He will never try to change you and things you love. He will inspire you to embrace your talents and use your gifts as often as possible. He will not tell you, ‘Do not be this or do not be that’ or ‘Do not do this or do not do that.’ Your gay friend will help you pave your own way in the world.

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7. You will talk about your boyfriend drama without feeling judged

Here is what I mean: we discuss our boyfriend dramas with our girlfriends, but often end up feeling judged, miserable and embarrassed, and regretting what we said. The truth is, girls tend to be envious of each other, and this is a reason your best girlfriend did not support you when you broke up with your ex. A gay friend will not judge you and you will not regret whining.

8. He will teach you how to be more optimistic

If you are prone to mood swings, anxiety, or depression, you just desperately need a gay friend in your life. He will show you the brightest side of your life and help you cope with your mood swings and depressive thoughts in a positive way.

Finally, a gay friend will never break your heart. He will love you unconditionally and you can count on his shoulder to cry on. Unfortunately, many people do not understand gays, but they are actually amazing personalities. As soon as you meet your best gay friend, you will understand why I recommend having gay friends. Do you have a GBF?