6 Creative Ways to Have Fun With a Long Distance Best Friend


While traveling around the world, I realized how hard it could be to maintain relationships – even with my best friend. Though we were once committed to speaking regularly, time seems to have driven a wedge between us. Recently, in light of keeping these friendships feeling like, well, a true bestie relationship, I have been implementing some ways to make it work. Here are several ways to have fun with a long-distance best friend:

1. Chit-chat

One thing that is awesome about the technology of today is that the whole pen pal thing has been upgraded. Now you can video call, text, write emails, and send Snapchats to your best friend as you both move through life. You may not be physically together, but you can still share the moments of your life that mean something with them.

It shows that you are not only thinking about them, you are trying to include them to the best of your ability. Try to set up a schedule for routine phone and Skype calls so you can continue to see one another. This also gives you both something to look forward to throughout the week.

2. Send postcards and cards

Another fun way to stay in touch with the long-distance BFF is to send postcards and greeting cards back and forth. I love finding quirky postcards to send out to family and friends with little quips about why I chose the card.

For example, let’s say you climb to the top of Mt. Fuji. There is a post office there that lets you send out cards to family. Another place has an underwater post box. Imagine how cool that would be to receive!

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3. Drop by

Hey, one perk of having friends living throughout the world is that you have something to do at every destination. Even if it is just for a couple of days, dropping by to show your face and deliver something special from your journey or new home says a lot. Plus, this keeps the relationship feeling like it never had grown distant because you are both closing the gap and coming together like in the old days.

4. Send gifts from abroad

One thing that always works is mailing small souvenirs or trinkets that make you think of your friend. It does not have to be anything expensive or major. I mean, you can mail a set of ethnic utensils or jewelry for very little cost.

Think of it as pen pals but with perks. If the two of you live in towns where there is a special type of food or item (non-perishable), then send little care packages just because you know they will enjoy it.

5. Lend them a couch

Just as visiting your friend after spending some time apart can be a fun mini-vacation in itself, you should be willing to lend them a couch whenever they need it. Even if it is just an idea, the thought alone is fun enough. Tempt them with all the attractions and excursions you could visit. Besides, the simple act of offering to have them stay is a nice gesture, since most people are afraid of imposing.

6. Be open about your thoughts

If you miss them, tell them. If you are thinking about them, drop them a line. There is nothing wrong with going quiet for a bit, but always try to make up for the silence with a quick update.

Everyone goes through rough patches in life and may disappear for a time. However, if lines of communication are kept open, it keeps resentment, jealousy, and misunderstandings from happening.

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Long-distance relationships, whether they are with friends, family, or lovers can be difficult to maintain. The main way of keeping the LDR fun is to never stop communicating! Send random gifts, no matter how simple. Get together once in a while. Never stop making memories, and every moment of contact will be a fun one!