7 Ways to Stay Yourself No Matter the Situation


Sometimes you might feel like you don’t know who you’re anymore due to all the compromises you have to make over many years. In point of fact, everyone feels like this now and then.

There are many obstacles that life throws at us and there are many difficult situations we should deal with, but the most important thing to remember is to be yourself no matter the situation. It’s not easy, but quite possible if you know these ways to remain yourself in any situation.

First and foremost, you should discover who you’re and learn to accept yourself as you’re. Hopefully, my tips will help you.

1. Let go of the past

You couldn’t accept yourself and act like the real you no matter the situation, if you don’t let go of your past. Dwelling on the past is a bad habit that you need to break in order to live more fulfilled, satisfying, impactful, and happy life. Embrace who you are now and focus on a person you really want to be. Stop thinking about the things you didn’t do and about those terrible things you did in the past. Making mistakes isn’t the end of the world, as they help you become wiser and stronger. Try to forgive yourself for all those mistakes you made and move on.

2. Discover yourself

As I said before, you should definitely discover yourself before learning how to be yourself in every situation. Take time to think about yourself. Think about the things you hate and the things you really enjoy. Contemplate your life choices and think about all of your flaws and ways to improve them. Also, you should think about the things which only you can do and the things which make you stand out from the crowd. Now you see, there are many things to think about in order to find yourself and be yourself no matter the situation and no matter what people say.

3. Stop comparing yourself to others

One of the biggest mistakes many of us make is comparing ourselves to others. Everyone is different and unique; there is no person quite like you. If you are constantly striving to be someone who you are not, you will never become happy and you will never live a happy life. I always say people that they should never compare themselves to others and I want to tell you the same thing – stop comparing yourself to others, you are a beautiful, intelligent and unique person. Comparison leads to resentment and you might even forget about all those wonderful things that make you special.

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4. Express your individuality

You might think that you are different and people don’t like you, but it’s necessary to express your individuality. You should be proud of who you are, even if others don’t like you, though I’m pretty sure that they do like you. Be proud of the things you do and that make you special. You are really lucky to have them. Don’t be afraid to express your true self! And don’t allow negative people and their negative words to get to you! They are not worth your precious time!

5. Stay honest with yourself

Everyone has their own insecurities and things about themselves they are not proud of. There are certain emotional or physical parts of us that we’re trying to hide because we think they’re terrible. Everybody has their own flaws and it’s a huge difference between being honest with yourself and being way too critical. You need to acknowledge your flaws and don’t cover them. Stop worrying and start turning your imperfection into your distinctive features. You can always improve the core aspects of your personality, remember it.

6. Stop worrying and start living

If you’re a shy person or you always feel insecure about the way you look and act, you should learn how to worry less about the trifles. Yes, I call it trifles, because even a shy person can have a great personality and stand out from the crowd. If you stop worrying what people think of you and about the things you can’t control, you will start living your life to the fullest. I know it’s not easy to do, but with a lot of patience and with a little bit of practice, you will learn how to embrace your uniqueness and love who you truly are. If you screw up by accident, just turn it into a funny story and don’t take yourself too seriously! Learn to laugh at yourself when something embarrassing or funny happens. This will help you to be yourself in every situation.

7. Improve your communication and body language

The last useful tip I could give you on how to be yourself no matter the situation is to improve your communication. Try to become a better and more attentive listener! You can read certain books that can help you increase your emotional intelligence and become more empathetic. When you have good communication skills, it’s easier to act like your true self no matter the situation.

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Now, that you’re aware of a few best ways to be yourself no matter the situation, you can finally find yourself, accept who you’re and act the way you feel. Everyone has some imperfections, and people may try to bring you down, but you should never think that there’s something wrong with you. Love yourself, believe in yourself, and live every day without regrets. Could you share any other ways to stay yourself no matter the situation?

Below, we have compiled a list of the most interesting questions about staying yourself no matter the situation:

How do you stay calm no matter the situation?

First of all, Realize that you can eventually control your emotions. Then, do something fun, interesting, or creative instead of thinking about the same thing. Finally, try not to be dramatic but resist the urge to exaggerate the negative. Instead, you can tell yourself, “I can handle it,” “It’s okay,” and “I’m stronger than this”. This will really help to look at the problem differently.

How do you stay positive no matter what the circumstances?

Support can help you to stay positive, as you don’t have to try to do it on your own. You will get out of the situation by getting support from your close friends or family and strengthen your relationships with these people. And remember that life is a series of joys and failures. Therefore, failures will pass, and the turn of joy will come.

How do I develop a positive mindset?

There are some valuable pieces of advice for developing a positive mindset. Firstly, find a reason for joy at any moment of life and perceive failures rationally. Secondly, smile more often. Thirdly, write down the positive events that happened during the day. And finally, never hold on to the past; just move forward for a better present and future. Following these pieces of advice, you will undoubtedly be thankful to yourself.

How do I start living for myself?

Pay attention to moral values, such as spiritual harmony, family, and close friends. You can get up in high spirits every day if you prioritize achieving goals, not earnings! Then, doing what pleases you will give you freedom, which is now especially appreciated! And, of course, don’t take everything to heart to start living for yourself.

How do you know if you’re losing yourself?

The activities you used to enjoy are no longer enjoyable, feeling good only when you are helpful to others, and you don’t know what to do in your free time are the main alarm bells if you are losing yourself. At times like these, you should recognize what is wrong and take the necessary action instead of beating yourself up about your feelings.