5 Snow Day Indoor Activities for the Whole Family


When it snows too heavily outside, it seems there’s nothing to do with your family and you just sit and watch TV. But why not spend some quality time together playing interesting games? This will keep everybody occupied and it’s also a wonderful way to bond with your family.

After all, when cooped up indoors for the whole day and evening, each member of your family will be forced to spend time with each other whether they want it or not. Check out a few fun snow day indoor activities for the whole family.

1. Play Chess

This game can go on for a few hours or can get over in a matter of several minutes. It’s all depends on the skill of your family members. Highly skilled players can play the game for a few others while the rest of the family can watch and give some advices on the moves.

2. Puzzle

If you have a really big and difficult puzzle, why not put it together with your family? Every member of the family can take up a piece or a corner.

It’s also a great idea to form two teams and divide your puzzle into two equal pieces. It’s funny to see which team will solve their part of the puzzle faster. An interesting and a bit difficult puzzle can take a few hours to solve.

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3. Blanket Fort Game

If you have small children, this activity will be perfect for them. Build small forts around your house using blankets and sheets and guard your forts.

As weapons for protection, you can use pillows. Make this game even more fun and interesting by making tunnels through your living room to one of your bedrooms.

4. Roast marshmallows and swap stories

If you have a fireplace at home, then roast marshmallows while swapping interesting stories. You can even make it a game by having a contest. The winner will be the person who will tell the most interesting story.

5. Monopoly

The game of monopoly can be played by people of all interests and ages. It’s not only for your children.

When you play monopoly with the children, it’s not only memorable and enjoyable, but it also gives you a good chance to teach your kids on the basics of money, spending and savings. This game can keep your family occupied for the whole day.

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These activities are really fun, and your family will definitely love them. But you can use your imagination and creativity and come up with numerous versions of the same game. It’s one of the best ways to keep the entire family occupied during a snow day.

Do you have any activity to add to this list? Feel free to do it in the comments section.