5 Reasons Christmas Is the Worst Time to Find Love


Christmas is one of the most popular holidays, if not the most popular one. The holiday is filled with so many expectations and celebrations, as a new couple in love that might be too much to take all at once.

Christmas is the time to spend with family and friends, not the time to be alone. But as a new couple in love, you need more time to know each other better before testing the waters. The pressure to make everything perfect during the holiday would put too much strain on the relationship and might end up breaking it before you even ring in the New Year.

As much as having someone to love at Christmas might sound romantic, here are five reasons why Christmas is the worst time to fall in love:

1. The pressure of giving the perfect gift

There is something about Christmas gift giving that puts a strain on a relationship. Since this is your first holiday together, your expectations would be quite high and specific. You also have to think about getting gifts for his family that you have never met and have no idea what they might like.

2. Meeting his family

It is better for new lovers to spend more time together alone, getting to know each other well. The more you find out about each other, the better equipped you are to handle surprises in your relationship. Getting to know each other is more or less a shock absorber.

When you do not have this shock absorber and you get to meet the family, so many things can go wrong. One of the main reasons people break up is meeting the family when both partners are not ready. And when you fall in love at Christmas, meeting the family is inevitable.

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3. No privacy

If there is one thing family is good at is killing any hope of having a little privacy with your partner. If you decide to spend Christmas with your family, there would be little to no time for you and your lover to spend alone.

And as a new couple, you are in the honeymoon stage of your relationship, which mostly consists of spending time together alone and whispering sweet nothings to each other.

4. Embarrassing family traditions and stories

It is not a good idea for new lovers to witness some embarrassing family traditions so soon, as it might give them a wrong idea about you or your family. One of the traditions of family get together is to talk about embarrassing family stories and this might turn off your partner.

5. End of year reflections

In the end of each year, people are more depressed because they tend to reflect on the kind of year they have had so far. For someone in that kind of situation, being in love would be a disaster. You might end up making wrong decisions due to your mood.

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So if you are looking to fall in love this season, it would help to hold back on it. But we all know how tricky the heart can be and as the saying goes “the heart wants what it wants” and if it wants love, even Christmas cannot stop it.