Dear Ladies, You Just Have to Stop Hating Guys


Men can be very terrible, frustrating, and inconsiderate, but they can also be sweet, loving, tender, and romantic. It all depends on the man you had an encounter with. Do not let an experience with just a few bad guys taint your reputation of the others.

Hatred is a very powerful feeling; it comes from a deep part of your heart and travels to every bone in your body. As a woman, it is only natural to hate someone who you once loved with so much passion because they hurt you.

When a man hurts you, there is no point in hating other men along with him, because who else is going to mend that broken heart?

As much as men can destroy us, they can also build us up, and this is one of the reasons why you should stop hating men. Oftentimes, you do not want to let go of that hatred because it keeps you sane and focused, but remember you only hate as much as you love.

Most men are wonderful you just happened to meet the one that did not make the wonderful cut. So, would you let that make you miss out on a whole world of wonderful men out there?

Dear women, we do not have to keep holding on to such a negative feeling of hatred. It gives the man who hurt you so much control over your life and steals whatever joy you have left in your life.

Here are some reasons why we, as women, do not have to hate men:

1. A part does not make a whole

When you have been hurt or had a bad experience with a man or a handful of men, it is only natural to generalize. But I would not advise that because a part can never make a whole.

How would you feel if a guy hated you just because he had a bad experience with another girl? Now imagine how the other guys feel when you hate them for no reason.

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2. Hating does more harm than good

My friend lost out on a good guy because she hated men after a bad breakup. The irony of it all is that the man in question was in a great relationship. Love trumps hatred any day and hatred destroys a lot of lives and relationships.

Imagine living in the world where women hate men and men reciprocate the feeling. It does not look good, does it? So, why hate men?

3. Forgiveness is much more fulfilling than hate

You might think the hate you feel now is making you stronger and keeping you focused. But the truth is, it is eating you up and making you a prisoner to your own emotions.

There is nothing as fulfilling as forgiveness. Forgiving a man, who hurt you, disrespected, or even broke you, will make you very happy and fulfilled. The feeling of hatred drags you down like a weight on your shoulder.

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As much as men can be annoying at times, we need them to co-exist peacefully on this planet. A man can easily fill the vacuum another man left in your heart and make you feel like you have never been loved before.