7 Weird Gift Ideas That Are Ideal for Everyone

Gifts do not always have to be practical. Getting something fun and humorous can often make Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries extra special.

Look out for the weird and wacky gift ideas. These weird options are perfect for absolutely everyone.

1. A Tiki Mug for a Refreshing Drink

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Have you seen the geeky tiki mugs in stores? You can get Star Wars, Avengers, and Batman-themed mugs. There is something for all interests and they will always put a smile on the face.

While gifts do not have to be practical, these certainly are for those who enjoy refreshing drinks. They can also be used for plants, storage, or just to put on display!

2. An Invisible Keyboard

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Some of your friends will need to use keyboards for work. The problem is the tapping of the keys can be annoying for others in the office. How about the weird gift of an invisible keyword?

The device lights up on the desk and can be quickly packed away and taken home. It is useable absolutely anywhere, whether your friends like to do work at the coffee shop, in their home office, or at work.

3. A Fruity Keg

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Sometimes having wine or a cocktail on tap is the perfect way to make the weekend. How about getting a keg that’s fun and strange at the same time?

You can pick up fruity kegs sets. It is just the keg pump, so your friends can choose the fruits of their choice to scoop out and add their drink to it. Watermelons are the most popular and easiest to use.

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4. A Cactus De-Clutterer

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De-cluttering the desk is something that everyone wants to do. The problem is they have nowhere to put all their small items. It is time to make that easier with this weird and wonderful gift.

A cactus de-clutterer is just as it sounds. It is a small pot with a cactus on top. The pot is great for storing paper clips, buttons, etc, while the cactus is the best way to stick your pins and small scissors for storage.

5. A Fun Taco Holder

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People love tacos, but trying to hold them on the plate is difficult. They always fall over and the insides fall out. You spend more time putting it all together than enjoying it.

It is time to make storing your tacos easier. Get a fun taco holder, such as a dinosaur or a geeky piece of memorabilia, and offer a gift that keeps on giving.

6. A Phone Charging Keychain

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Keychains can be useful but most people overlook them. After all, don’t we all have enough? Well, it’s time to think about weird keychains that actually offer some sort of practical use.

Okay, so weird gifts do not have to be practical but sometimes it is kind to be useful. A phone charging keychain is popular. There’s no need to search around the room for the phone charger and charging the phone from anywhere is possible.

7. Funky Face Masks

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Sometimes you just want your friend to have a little fun. That means getting something completely impractical but joyful at the same time. What’s better than packs of face masks. These are great for when you have parties together and you want to enjoy some quick snaps to put on Instagram.

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Do not worry about being completely practical when it comes to gift ideas. Sometimes the sillier the better. You will put a smile on your friends’ faces and offer something to remember you buy. It is time to look at some of the weirdest items around for a laugh.