7 Awesome Gift Ideas for Teachers


Are you looking for some great gift ideas for teachers? Then you don’t have to look further, because I’ve got some amazing ideas that you will certainly like, and, of course, your child’s teacher will love as well.

As a former teacher myself, I always appreciated when students would give me a gift. Trust me, I never expected it, and I think it’s not necessary to give teachers gifts, but a small gift certainly showed how much my hard hours of work were appreciated.

Yes, teaching is a really hard work and I’m sure all teachers and most parents will agree with me. If you want to show your child’s teacher how much you appreciate their job, check out my list of 7 awesome gift ideas for teachers.

1. Coffee and coffee mug

Each teacher needs their pick-me-up in the middle of the afternoon. So why not give your child’s teacher a beautiful mug filled with some excellent coffees to help them get the little jolt they need?

Get a mug that has a saying, like “A+ Teacher” or you can buy a thermal mug that will keep coffee warm, even while they are teaching their lessons. If your child’s teacher doesn’t drink coffee, you can give them a nice collection of delicious teas.

2. Books

Most teachers love books, that’s why it’s the second awesome gift idea you may want to use. Although a classroom is stocked with books, you can still give your child’s teacher a collection of great books. It’s not necessary to buy new books; you can give recycle old books that your child isn’t reading anymore.

You can also go to a local library and ask if they’re willing to donate several books to the school. Not only will your child’s teacher be impressed by this amazing and useful gift, but the whole class as well.

3. A gift card

A gift card is perhaps the easiest gift idea for teachers. Whether it’s a gift card for a teacher supply store, a craft store, or a coffee shop, your gift will definitely be appreciated, and, of course, put to good use.

4. Sweet treats

Fill a large bowl with some delicious treats, such as chocolates and small candies. You can give this gift with coffee mug. Your child’s teacher will munch on those tasty treats at lunch time to give them a pick-me-up when they need it. Hey, don’t forget to include some cute message!

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5. Pampering

I know this gift is a bit personal, but it will certainly be more than appreciated. Consider giving your child’s teacher a gift card for some pampering. A mani or a pedi or a massage will be greatly appreciated and the de-stressing will also be much-needed.

6. School supplies

Although the school will supply some of the products that children will be using throughout the year, the teacher will still end up purchasing them on their own, and they will have to pay out of pocket for some school supplies. To ease the expense, create a package of school supplies. Make sure you include things such as pencils, construction paper, glue, crayons and some other things that might be needed.

7. Slippers

Sure, your kid’s teacher won’t be able to wear slippers when school is in session, but they will definitely be able to wear them after hours. When the bell rings teachers don’t go home, they usually stay behind for a few hours. Your kid’s teacher will be able to feel much more relaxed after hours when they can put on a pair of comfortable slippers and kick off their shoes.

As I mentioned above, teaching is a hard job. But I also think it’s a rewarding job. Let your kid’s teacher know how much you appreciate them with one (or maybe two!) of these awesome gifts.

What do you think about these gift ideas for teachers? Do you have any other ideas? Do you think teaching is a hard work? Please comment below and thanks for reading!