9 Things to Stop Wearing When You Turn 30


Are you already 30 or nearly turning 30? There are plenty of changing events that might take place and it all starts with your wardrobe adjustments. At that age you have to play your part when it comes to a healthy wardrobe that suits your age.

This entails doing away with any pieces of juvenile clothing and introducing something unique that best covers your belly bottom right? It is not about age, it is about your own personality. Here is a list of nine things to stop wearing when you turn 30.

1. Oversized sunglasses

If you are into fashion then sunglasses might be your thing even when you are in your 30s. It is not that sunglasses are a thing of the past for you, it only means you have to leave some of this trendy fashion glasses that are oversized.

You have to amp your looks with the best glasses that best suit and describe your age.

2. Mini skirts

Looking sexy is always a good idea, it keeps everybody gazing but now that you are almost 30, it is kind of old fashioned. You need to realize that you are past that age and you should always look forward to looking elegantly enough to get everyone’s respect.

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3. Crop tops

Gone are the days when you was a cheerleader. It is time to do away with anything that exposes your belly. Crop tops are a trend of young ladies.

If you want to look beautiful in your 30s, you should leave crop tops for the young generation and do something that is suitable to your age.

4. Booty shorts

You don’t have to let the whole world see your booty hanging out. If you are 20 it is alright, it is sexy but at 30? That is way out of your league now.

You should purchase some shorts that healthily describes your wardrobe. Try out something more presentable to the society.

5. Cheap bras

Yes. Do away with cheap bras, they only cause you discomfort. By the age of 30, your body has undergone some changes, especially when it comes to your breasts.

Wear a bra that best supports and offers comfort. High quality bra is vital for your breast health.

6. Platform flip flops and high heels

Flip flops and high heels are designed for younger people who are still trying to explore the world. It is time to leave the old fashion trends that are past your age to the young ladies.

You should look simple and unique that all. It sounds like a good reason to go shoe shopping today, isn’t it?

7. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits and overalls are great, but they make some women look like a farmer. Now it is your time to let go of them. They have no place in your wardrobe.

Being a classic woman is what you need to turn to now and it all starts by dressing classy.

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8. Loop earrings

If you like to wear loop earrings, make sure they are not too big. Guess you now understand. Oversized loop earrings will only dishonor your precious age. Please don’t get me wrong. You have right to wear whatever you want, but it is better to wear little loop earrings.

9. Sparkly pants

You do not actually need to be in sparkly pants for everyone to notice you unless it is on New Year’s Eve. There is no need for any unnecessary attention, time flies and age does the same. Focus on pants that are going to bring more elegance in your looks.

Unfortunately, time never stops and never waits for anyone, so is age when it comes to women. Eliminating these things from your wardrobe to show everyone how gorgeous you are regardless of the age. Do you believe women in their 30s should eliminate many pieces of clothing?