10 Best Beauty Tricks to Hide a Hangover


You’re lying in bed wishing you had turned down that last martini. You think you couldn’t feel much worse… and then your alarm goes off. Not only do you have the worst hangover ever, you have to get up, go to work, and pretend you don’t feel like you got run over by a beer truck.

All of us found ourselves in such a situation at least once. So what’s the way out? Sure, you can call you assistant and pretend to be in a terrible plight. On the other hand, you can face the music and smile at your little troubles! Perhaps, you’ve heard that appearances can be deceiving. In this case, that’s a good thing!

Just follow these tips on how to camouflage even the worst hangover.

1. Take preventive action before you go to bed

If you know you had too much to drink, take action as soon as you get home. The main reason you look and feel so bad after a night of heavy drinking is because alcohol is dehydrating.

Before bed, drink as much water as your churning stomach can handle. And do not forget to put a bottle at the head of your bed – you are likely to wake up from thirst in the middle of the night. Then, as tempting as it may be to skip this step, take off your makeup.

Once your face is clean, slather on the moisturizer. It will help to avoid excessive dryness and tightness of your face skin. Afterward brush your teeth.

Finally, when you’re ready for bed, grab an extra pillow. Sleeping with your head elevated will help alleviate that morning-after puffiness, though this may be harmful to your back. In addition, crack your window – a chill air will contribute to your appearance in the morning.

Sleeping in a stifling room will increase your eye-lid puffiness. By the way, I suggest you to develop the habit of sleeping in a well-aired room – it will help you look fresh even if your last night was quite calm.