10 Ways to Get Perfect Skin in 2 Weeks


Clear, radiant, soft skin not only looks great, it feels great too. If you want to get healthy, flawless skin, then these ten tips should put you on the right track. Keep in mind that everyone’s skin is a little different, so you may react differently to these treatments.

1. Determine Skin Type

The first step to addressing your skin is to determine whether yours is oily, dry, in between (normal), or a combination of dry and oily. Dry skin usually feels taut and tends to flake. People with dry skin will have small pores (they may not even be visible) and often complain of itchy skin.

Oily skin, on the other hand, feels greasy to the touch and tends to be shiny. People with oily skin will have large, visible pores. Normal skin falls in between the extremes of dry and oily, with pores that are moderately sized and often not visible (except after exercise in some cases). Normal skin is supple and smooth.

Most people fall into the combination category, with oily skin in the T-zone (nose and forehead) and normal or dry skin elsewhere. I suggest you to run this simple test in order to find your skin type. Sterile tissue and 5 spare minutes are all you need. You can dedicate your break to this procedure – at midday your skin will show the most honest results.

So dab your skin with a tissue and wait for a minute. If you see that the tissue has oily patches, you have an oily skin. If it’s greasy only in T-zone, then your skin is of combination type.

In other cases you probably have dry or normal skin. Now, when you know your skin type it’s easier to treat it correctly and use proper beauty products.