9 Strange Yet Adorable Things Happy Couples Secretly Do Together


Happy couples strive to spend more time together without forgetting about personal space. They have fun and do many weird yet adorable things when no one sees and hears them.

If you’ve ever been in a healthy relationship, you probably know these secret things. They help couples keep the passion alive, show true feelings, and make each other happy on a daily basis.

These are little secrets that lead to a long-term relationship. Here’s what truly happy couples do secretly together.

1. They wrestle

Seriously, happy couples wrestle. They do it passionately, strongly, and lovingly. It’s not about pillow fighting only. When two people are deeply in love, their energy levels are higher than those who stay in boring or unhealthy relationships, so sometimes they need to vent to their energy but do it when they are alone.

Of course, there’s always a happy end to this affectionate fight. By the way, they don’t do any harm to each other – no bruises and no scars.

2. Dance

Not professionally, but affectionately. They dance together around the house. They dance naked. They dance at the table, on the bed.

Even in the hallway. Many happy couples confessed that dancing is one of their favorite activities that prevent them from dwelling on chores and financial problems. Great solution!

3. Sing

If both partners are shy in the company, they are quite bold when they spend time together. They love cooking together, taking baths together, and just lie together. No matter what they do, they often sing.

They don’t care about how weird or terrible they sound. All they think about is love. When you are in a healthy relationship, your partner will never make fun of you or bring you down. You can be the way you are without worrying about your insecurities and lack of talents and skills.

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4. Prank each other

Most of us prank each other in front of family, friends, and coworkers, thinking it’s normal. It’s not normal. The unhappy couple often fights over public pranks, which gradually leads to a breakup.

If both of you have a great sense of humor and love jokes, prank each other secretly when you are alone. Happy couples do it regularly. Positivity breeds positive moments that you two will remember forever.

5. Share unshared stuff

It’s obvious when couples share one house, one car, one bed, and one television. There is some other stuff that happy couples share each day. Razors, toothbrushes, perfumes, lotions, and lip balms are some of the weirdest things couples share.

Women can steal tons of men’s beauty and skincare products, but the keyword here is ‘steal,’ not ‘share.’ There’s a big difference between these two words, after all.

6. Run away for a long stroll

No matter how long you’ve been together, taking long strolls should be your favorite couple activity if you are in a healthy relationship. Happy couples often tell white lies like, “We have to deal with some debt problems” or “We’re going to buy milk and bread.”

They can’t just say, “We are going to take a long walk alone,” because modern society believes that this is for new couples only. Sadly, it doesn’t stop two happy people from enjoying each other’s company in the nearest park.

7. Draw

Happy couples are always on the lookout for new activities. When they don’t feel like dancing or singing, they enjoy drawing. Some couples even save their little creations. They may not draw beautifully, yet they get lots of pleasure.

Drawing is an effective stress reliever and mood booster. Exactly what we need during the busy days.

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8. Develop their creativity

Happy couples make up new words, new activities, and new games to keep their relationships alive. They do it secretly because others don’t understand them.

They love to compete a bit when playing their own games with their own rules. They also assume no dictionary contains words that can help them describe their feelings. This helps them develop their creativity on a daily basis.

9. Leave love notes in strange places

Sometimes it’s hard to find enough time to express feelings to each other. Happy couples know the way out. They leave one another little love notes but in strange places. Why? The answer is obvious.

They want to surprise each other and do it as uniquely as possible. Their amazing creativity helps them. They leave love notes in the fridge, shoes, makeup products, bathroom, front door, medicine cabinets, cars, pockets, bags, etc.

These lovely things make me rethink my relationship and try something new with my significant other. We are not married, but we often pretend to be husband and wife. We also make up bedtime stories for each other and dream about each other when we are not together. I think every couple has its own secret activities.

What do you and your partner do secretly together?