9 Signs He Is Going to Marry You This Year


If you have been in a long-term relationship for a while and you are wondering if your partner is going to propose this year. Marriage is a serious step that few people take these days. No matter how long you two have been dating, there are definite signs that might help you to figure out if 2016 is going to be happy for you. Keep reading…

1. He only notices you

While many girls are trying to stop their boyfriends from looking at other girls, your partner notices no one but you. He never makes you feel uncomfortable, ashamed and jealous. You are the only one whom he notices among others. No one else matters.

2. He wants to be with you

If your partner wants to spend days, nights, vacations and any other event with you, you are in luck. My boyfriend often says we need to speak less and meet less otherwise both of us will quickly get tired of each other. How can it be? When two people truly love one another, they want to be together forever.

3. He brings up future plans

Does he avoid talks about the future? Does he get angry every time you start talking about wedding and kids? If it is not about your partner, and he likes to make future plans with you, trust me, he is going to marry you this year.

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4. He strives to make you happy

Whatever he does, he does it for you. All he wants to do is to make you happy. When you feel sad, he feels sad. When you are joyful, he is joyful. He is not afraid of relationship problems and always stays by your side during the tough times. This is a possible sign that he wants to stay by your side till your last breath.

5. He trusts you

Does he have any secrets? Do you feel he is trying to hide something from you? If you are sure he totally trusts you and you have no secrets, it means he is ready to tie the knot. A successful marriage is typically built on trust and mutual respect, so chances are your love will last forever.

6. He wants to share his space with you

If your partner asks you to live together, it is not because he wants to have someone to spend his nights with, or save cash on rent. It is a sign that he craves something more serious than just a night out or passionate sex.

7. He makes time to see you

No matter how busy he is, he always makes time to see or call you. Breaking plans is not his thing. He appreciates your time and gets upset when you cannot see him. Shortly, he misses you so much that he has trouble preventing himself from texting you in the middle of the night.

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8. He makes you a part of his social life

Does he include you in his social life? Be it a family holiday, an office party or any special event, he always invites you to join him. If you are a part of his social life now, you will certainly become a part of his everyday life till the end of the year. Be sure.

9. He accepts you the way you are

You are unique in your own way. He does not strive to change anything about you. And if your partner accepts and loves you the way you are, it is one of the most possible signs he is going to marry you this year.

Of course, true love is the only sign you two will tie the knot, but sometimes it is not enough for marriage. Remember that perfect relationships do not exist, so be ready to tackle all the challenges together.