7 Signs Your Soul Craves a Complete Detox


Perhaps, you have already heard of the partial and full body detox many times, but did you ever think of a spiritual detox? Just like your body, your soul can suffer from negativity and clutter of a modern living. Here is when you should start your complete spiritual detox:

1. Nothing sounds fun and fulfilling

When you think about your life, each aspect of it seems pointless and boring. Everything that you loved doing before does not entice you and it does not bring any joy in your life. If it sounds familiar to you, it is a warning sign your soul needs some detox to help you feel joy when doing the things you have always enjoyed doing.

2. You feel yourself a victim all the time

Regardless of the situation you are in, you always see yourself as a victim. You believe everyone is trying to bring you down and your life is totally unfair. In reality, it is in your imagination only. Detox your soul so that you could start thinking more positively and clearly.

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3. You are sleep deprived

Whether you have a super busy schedule or you suffer from sleep disorders, you rarely have a change of getting those eight hours of sleep. Add the nightmares and you have got a tell-tale sign it is time to start detoxing your soul.

4. You are jealous

Jealousy is a good feeling at times, as it can motivate you to improve yourself. However, if you have noticed that you cannot stand happy and optimistic people, it is a red flag. You have blocked your soul and nourished it with your jealous thoughts and anger. Once you cleanse your soul, the positive emotions will suppress the feeling of envy.

5. You are happy for miserable people

The worst is you are trying your best to make the lives of those surrounding you as miserable as possible. Enjoying someone’s misfortune or failure is terrible and it can make you happy for seconds. Bring warmness back to your heart by detoxing your inner world. Negativity always breeds negative feelings and emotions.

6. You have lost a touch with your senses

Emotions are part of a human life. If you feel numb and thus have neither good nor bad emotions, it is a signal your soul craves a full detox. If ignored, this “numb” life will lead to a number of serious diseases and mental disorders.

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7. People avoid you

It is not easy to spend a lot of time with toxic people. If everyone close to you starts avoiding you and you have any of the aforementioned signs, you should pay attention to your inner world. When the soul gives off negative vibes, your friends and family may simply begin to avoid you.

Here you have it! Some of the most warning signs your soul needs a full detox, which will help you enjoy your life and spread positivity rather than negativity.