5 Types of Men You Should Wait For No Matter What


The saying that there is plenty of fish in the sea may not apply to real life anymore thanks to overfishing, but in the dating world, there is someone out there for you. Some people are lucky enough to throw the line once and snag the right one. Others, like myself, end up casting the line, again and again, digging up rocks, barnacles, sharks, and invertebrates, but these catches are not without merit.

There are men you should wait to meet or date before making a decision because each one adds something special to your life. The lessons might not always be positive; but if you are looking to grow, every day is a chance to gain knowledge and wisdom with these five types of men.

1. The Thrill Seeker

We all know at least one fearless guy who would wrestle a bear to save a life or who treks jungles half the world away. If you find yourself in a rut, where every single day follows a droll, regimented routine, it is time to find yourself an adrenaline junkie to mix things up.

Dating a guy who is all about life in the fast lane will teach you how to stop inhibiting yourself and your passions out of fear of failure. He will teach you to stop saying no to possibilities and open your mind.

Maybe he will be the one that captures your heart, then runs away with it; but most of the time, these men are the ones who stay single because they always want to mingle throughout the world.

2. The Polar Opposite

Dating someone who has a completely reversed view of the world may seem wrong, at first. Most of the time, people seek relationships with others who agree with them at least 85% of the time.

Life is just easier that way. Yet, when you find yourself in a daily intellectual battle, summoning up factoids from the recesses of your brain you never knew existed to prove point or defend your opinion, you are learning quick wit and critical thinking. Plus, this kind of guy teaches you the art of compromise and tolerance. That is something we all need nowadays.

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3. The Twin

When you have had enough of arguments and guys who just do not get you, it is time to find you…with male genitalia. See, there is a beauty to seeing ourselves in others that makes us realize what we both love and hate about our personalities.

Of course, there is a power to understanding how you drive others crazy in good and bad ways. The more you understand yourself, the more you can work to improve upon your weaknesses. That said, dating your male twin can get boring and even confusing. You cannot do the dance of life with two left feet.

4. The Broken One

Emotional baggage is not always easy to deal with, especially when it comes from someone else. And you might be the one who “hates drama” and retreats whenever it rears its head. Still, dating a broken guy teaches you something a lot of people forget about. Empathy. Kindness.

Knowing how to be supportive is such a critical skill, but everyone is so quick to cast if off. Listen to his dark stories without judgment. In the end, even if you two do not last, you will have gained the ability to listen and speak after thinking things through.

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5. The Workaholic

Driven, ambitious, and so devoted to work he forgets about your dinner date. Who would ever want a guy like that? You do. Here is why: Workaholics need inspiration and support. You might have never wanted to become a cheerleader.

Or perhaps you are clingy and desire someone who is with you 24/7. Guess what? You are going to have to learn how to adapt and appreciate the little gestures of love he gives. In the future, such perseverance will come in handy.

There you have it: the five types of guys you should wait for, experience, and learn from before finally settling on the one. To see the good and bad in yourself, you have to see it in others first. When you let one of these men into your life, you not only get experience in handling different types of people, hidden pieces of your own soul come forth.