7 Types of Men You Should Never Date


It’s hard to screen a guy before you start dating him, because you cannot tell how he will turn out to be. However, there are some personality traits in men that you must stay away from. Check out what types of men you should never date.

1. A possessive man

It’s great to date a guy who looks after you, but if he becomes really possessive about you, it might spell a big trouble. So if you’ve just started dating a guy and you spot such signs, you should stop dating him, because this possessiveness can turn into obsession and can hurt you emotionally and physically.

2. Momma’s boy

I’d been dating Momma’s boy for two years, and I can tell it was a real disaster! Momma’s boy can’t let go of his mother and he thinks that no other woman can surpass anything that his mom did. Momma’s boy will compare your every thought, action, AND move to his mother. He will often fulfill his mother’s every wish, even the most unreasonable ones, and that’s where many problems start.

3. A man with an inflated ego

If you’ve just started dating a man who is proud and haughty all the time, who finds it difficult to say sorry and who likes to be pampered, stay away from him. A man with an inflated ego might ruin your relationship by demanding too much attention and thinking that whatever he does and says is the right thing.

4. An overambitious man

It’s okay, when your man is excited and passionate about shaping his career and achieving his professional goals. But when he talks to you about nothing but his career, it’s not good, because he can easily give up on a date if he has a meeting at work or some other matters. He will put work first, and sometimes can even forget about you.

5. A quick-tempered man

A quick-tempered man generally doesn’t contribute positively to a relationship. Although men are known to have shorter tempers than women, a man who gets angry without having a good reason can ruin a relationship. That’s why stay away from quick-tempered men.

6. A confused man

A man who seems generally confused tends to be a poor decision maker and always looks for help and advice from other people. A confused man could pull you down too. If you are dating a man who can’t sort out his thoughts or take his own decisions, stop dating him.

7. A man who is obsessed with his own appearance

I’m sure you know that there are men who are obsessed with their appearance. They carry their toilet kits with them and they are totally obsessed with their appearances. Never date such men, because you should be the one looking at the mirror to check how you look, but not your boyfriend.

Sure, you can date who you want, it’s your life. But you have to be with a man who will make you happy. Have you ever dated one of these types of men? Share your thoughts, please!