8 Best Tips for Detoxing after Drinking


Looking for some tips for detoxing after drinking? You might have an extended New Year’s celebration or you just partied hard after work and now you can’t get your body and mind back on track. Check out a few ways to detox after drinking!

Table of contents:

  1. Research
  2. Weigh
  3. Address
  4. Find it out
  5. Don’t attack at once
  6. Make a decision whether you can trust him again
  7. Save your relationship
  8. Go away if you can’t trust your man again

1. Drink water to fight dehydration

Drinking water is probably the best way to fight dehydration and detox your body after drinking! All alcohol is a diuretic, so it’s necessary to replenish your body with water. Drinking lots of water helps to flush all the toxins out of your system. Keep a bottle of water by your bed or carry it with you and sip throughout the day!

2. Eat healthily

Maybe you used to eat fast food, but you will not do yourself any favors with that food! You should fuel your body with fibrous fruits and veggies, lean protein, and avoid sweets for several days. I know sugary sweets are so tempting, but try to eat fruits as your dessert when you are detoxing!

3. Vitamins

Another way to detox your body after drinking is vitamins! Taking vitamins is not only for those times when you want to detox your body. Taking certain supplements or a multi-vitamin can improve your hair, skin, mood, and much more!

4. Sleep

You might not even think about sleeping as the way to detox your body after drinking as it comes so naturally! You are so tired and would like to sleep through the next several days, yes?

In fact, sleep is always encouraged. Perhaps you got in when everybody was getting up, that’s why your body needs all the rest that it can get! Read more – 10 Ways to Sleep Better.

5. Avoid stress

Give yourself time to relax and avoid extra stress in your life when you’re detoxing your body! Stretching, meditating or getting a massage is an excellent way to detox after drinking. Do everything you know can help you relax. While you are repairing your body, try to reduce stress around you.

6. Drink tea

When you are trying to detox after drinking, don’t drink too much caffeine, opt for herbal tea or green tea instead. You might say that green tea also contains caffeine, but according to the Mayo Clinic, a cup of brewed coffee has 95-200mg of caffeine while a cup of green tea contains about 24-40mg, so tea is better. Opt for chamomile, lemongrass or dandelion tea.

7. Exercise

You might not even think about exercising right now, but it is a good way to detox after drinking! Sweating is a natural way our bodies detox, and if you are not up for exercising, try sitting in a sauna. Find out if your local gym has a sauna. If you don’t have a gym membership, check out if you can pay for a one-day pass.

8. Avoid stimulants

Grabbing another drink might be your usual way to fight a hangover, but if you want to detox, you should avoid such stimulants as caffeine, cigarettes, and alcohol. If you used to drink coffee, have your latte, but don’t overdo it with triple or quadruple shots of espresso!

There are many ways to detox your body and get yourself back on track! How do you usually detox your body? Share your thoughts, please!