10 Best Beauty Tricks to Hide a Hangover


7. Apply foundation lightly

Some experts advise to skip foundation in such cases, as it can only call too much attention. But I strongly recommend you to use your richest, most moisturizing foundation, and use less than usual. Few things scream “hangover” more than caked-on makeup. Plus, a light touch lets your blush seep through for a natural, healthy look.

Do not neglect tools for applying foundation – today’s morning is not the best time to do it with your fingers. Use either a sponge or a wide brush, but bear in mind that sponge will make thicker coverage and will minimize the spread of bacteria, which is excellent for your already irritated skin.

If your foundation is too thick, try to apply BB Cream. BB creams are always multifunctional so you can gain several goals at once: prime your skin, moisturize it, make it look radiant and protect it from the UV rays. Maintain that dewy look by forgoing powder; it would just call attention to already-dehydrated skin. However, you better put the box in your bag – at noon you will surely need it, as alcohol intensifies sebaceous glands work. As for me, powder is an essential beauty product in the makeup bag.

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