10 Best Beauty Tricks to Hide a Hangover


3. De-puff those eyes

Puffy eyes are a dead giveaway. While you’re waiting for your moisturizer to soak in, apply cool compresses for 10 minutes. You can use green tea bags, cucumber slices, or even chilled spoons.

Just get something on those puffy bags under your eyes. Cooling gel will be also effective, especially if you message your eye lids with it. Place the thumb of your right hand on the cheek, and forefinger on the outer corner of your left eye-lid.

Now smoothly pass your hand over your eyes so that the liquid move from the outer to the inner corner and nose. Repeat the procedure with the right eye. But be very careful! The area between the eyeball and the mouth is extremely sensitive and it’s very easy to damage it.

It is also a great idea to have ice cubes with herbal water in the fridge. Eye puffiness is my inborn problem, which does not depend on the way I spent the last night. So ice cubes are my personal rescuer every morning. Mint and eucalyptus extracts will surely ease the puffiness. Try eye drops if your eyes are too red. At worst, put on sunglasses – you will definitely need them outdoors.

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