9 Must-Have Items for Your Makeup Bag


There are many beauty products on the market these days, and sometimes it can be difficult to choose which beauty tools are essential for a makeup bag. If you are tired of searching through your cluttered makeup bag, check out my list of must-have items for your makeup bag. These items are perfect for everyday purposes and they will certainly help you to get a natural look.

1. Lip balm

I hope you know that chapped lips are not kiss-worthy, that’s why it’s essential to have a lip balm in your makeup bag. I always keep lip balm in my makeup bag, purse, and working space. You can also keep lip balm in your pocket and car. Lip balms come in a great variety of flavors and colors, and can smell amazing. Choose the one you like and forget about chapped lips.

2. Compact mirror

Another essential beauty tool to have in your makeup bag is the compact mirror. It would be difficult to start your everyday makeup routine without mirror. Compact mirror is great because it can easily fit in your makeup bag without taking up too much space. It’s also perfect if you need to refresh your make up during the day. Compact mirror is inexpensive and useful, and it is certainly a must-have item that every woman should have in her makeup bag.

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3. Eyebrow comb

Eyebrow comb tames those stray hairs in a natural way. You can use it after shaping your eyebrows with tweezers. Just make sure you have a good and clean eyebrow comb. While you may think that eyebrow comb is not so essential, this is a must-have item for your makeup bag.

4. Mascara

Another beauty tool which will open and brighten your eyes in a jiff is mascara. If you are looking sleepy or tired in the morning, applying mascara to your lashes will make you appear more awake and alert throughout the day, because mascara makes your eyelashes much darker, which in turn contrasts the white of your eyes. Today, there are many different brands and types of mascara on the market. Choose the one that suits your needs. A high-quality mascara takes only a few seconds to apply and it makes your eyes look bright and cheerful.

5. Moisturizer

If you have dry skin you should definitely have a moisturizer in your makeup bag. Dry skin results in itchiness and irritation. Moreover, you are more susceptible to wrinkles later in life. Moisturizer will hydrate your skin, leaving it smooth and preventing wrinkles. It is also not expensive and can come in a large quantity. You certainly want to have this essential item in your makeup bag.

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6. Foundation or concealer

If you are looking to keep a natural look with your makeup, make sure you have a good foundation or concealer is your makeup bag. It will make your skin tone look flawless and even healthy. This is a basic product needed to keep a natural look. But make sure you choose the right shade of foundation or concealer.

7. Makeup remover

This beauty product is essential, especially if you wear makeup every single day. Sometimes it’s difficult to wash off makeup, but it has to be done, otherwise it will clog your pores and if you wear eye makeup overnight it can be dangerous for your eyes. Makeup remover comes in a liquid form or wipes, and both are fairly inexpensive and effective, and can be found at any drug store. Makeup remover is created to make it easier and quicker to remove your makeup.

8. Eyelash curler

One of the best ways to open up and brighten your eyes is to use an eyelash curler. You can either use it before you apply your mascara or without mascara. This beauty tool is perfect to make your lashes appear longer and even thicker. An eyelash curler is also perfect for a natural look.

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9. Tweezers

It’s no secret that the right shaped eyebrows can completely change your look. Plucking your brows in the right areas can make your eyes appear brighter and larger without the influence of makeup. That’s why tweezers are must-have item for your makeup bag. But make sure you don’t over-pluck!

Make your life easier by keeping these essential beauty tools in your makeup bag. Do you have anything to add to this list? Please share in comments!