7 Amazing Things That Were in the 90s


I’m so happy, that I was born in the 1990s, because I think this was the best time for growing up. Of course, now kids from 3 till 13 years old are really lucky, they have a lot of great things. We couldn’t even dream about this ocean of digital technologies. But it’s really doesn’t matter, for me it was the best time ever. There was the middle between the old school time and modern time. If you don’t think the same way, I’m going to give you some compelling reasons for this.

1. Text notes

I remember that people of my generation really liked passing a lot of notes underhand the teacher. It was very exciting and we went through a lot of feelings, when we saw, that the note reached our destination. Unfortunately, I have never seen this tradition in the next generation. Now, we don’t post any written letters, all we get by mail are bills and promotions.

2. Mash

It was really interesting and simple. Everybody loved this easy but very popular game, all you needed were pen and paper. We “predicated” our future and got lots of pleasure. I don’t know any my age person, who didn’t play this game, because it was really awesome!

3. The best TV shows ever

I agree, now there are a lot of TV shows for all child’s attitudes, but I can’t forget my favorite from the childhood. All they are relevant for the present days. Do you remember “Hey, Arnold?” or “Catdog”? Yeah, I’m sure, you are smiling now. Also, there were “Pokémon”, “Power Rangers” and “Rugrats”! What about them? I spend a lot of time with these great TV shows!

4. The time without technology

Today all we have a lot of technology stuff, and I agree it’s really comfortable and easy. But also we feel the one problem of the present – there are too many technology! We don’t even see each other, because all that we look at are screens of our phones, players and laptops. When I was young, we didn’t have even phones, we played with each other and didn’t think that some time we would meet only online. We didn’t have a lot of information, we needed to take it ourselves. We couldn’t play any computer game, we had only imagination. No matter, we always had found what to do. It was really interesting time. I will never forget our time together with my childhood’s friends. This was absolutely great nontechnology time!

5. Interesting playtime

To the previous point, I want to talk about our games a little bit more. As I said, we didn’t have computers and any other digital stuff, we use our imagination and fantasy to invent some funny games. We loved a lot of activity games, for example, “Hide and seek” or “Jump rope”. I’m sure these games were more fun and exciting, then some present computer or video game.

6. Digital pets in “Tamagotchi”

It was really amazing to have this thing; we all worried too much for our pets that needed a lot of attention and carrying. It didn’t let us sleep at night, but we loved it very much. Now Tamagotchi is coming back, but creators rebuild it only like apps.

7. Face-to-face contact

Do you remember the time, when we communicated only in person? It sounds weird now, but then if you wanted to talk with someone and he or she didn’t answer you by home phone, you have needed to go to his or her house. And if you didn’t have a phone, and you wanted to pick up a lot of people, all that you could do – to pick them all one by one. Maybe it doesn’t look great now, but we have never felt this united community.

It was really great to grow in 1990s! We were more communicated with each other, and never felt some sadness. Only books, TV and our imagination inspired us. So, what do you remember from your youth or childhood? Please comment below.