15 Clothing Colors to Wear More Often


Sometimes women claim that a certain color might not be for them, but did you know that there are a few awesome clothing colors which are perfect for every woman? I have based my closet the last few years on these clothing colors since I know they always look great. Plus, these colors are really easy to mix and match and they are great colors to wear to work. Here are a few wonderful clothing colors you should begin wearing more often.

1. Purple

One of the best colors that you should certainly wear more often this year is purple. It’s a color of queens and kings, power and authority. I love purple and I think it’s a must-have in every woman’s closet. Purple is a complementary color to all skin types and hair colors, and it can be paired with turquoise or black pieces of clothing. This color looks especially rich on evening and cocktail dresses. Add elegant accessories and you will achieve a perfect image. Even small insets of purple in the piece of clothing will make your image look original and remarkable. Go over the last fashion designers’ collections again, I’m sure you will find your purple!

Purple produces a very calming effect on your mind. It cures depression, anger and melancholy. If you want to normalize your blood pressure, stimulate immunity or have a sound sleep, add purple not only to your wardrobe, but even to interior. They say that purple is the color of dreamers and inventors. Even five hundred years ago Leonardo da Vinci found out that you can make your spirit strong, by simply wearing purple garments or meditating under soft purple rays, like those in a church. Aren’t these arguments enough to start wearing purple?