9 Acne Myths You Should Ignore


One of the problems surrounding acne is that, despite advances in many areas of medicine and biology, we still don’t have a great grasp as to what causes acne. Without good knowledge of the cause of acne, we are also at a loss as to how to treat it effectively in all cases. This dearth of knowledge provides rich fodder for myths. Here are ten myths about acne that you absolutely should ignore.

1. The Sun Will Cure Acne

This is a myth that has a basis in fact, which is part of the reason it has remained so pervasive. For individuals with fair skin, twenty minutes of sun per day can be beneficial for acne, particularly for body acne. For those with darker skin, thirty minutes of sun per day will do the trick. That said, overt exposure to UV rays will not cure acne and no amount of sun will make it go away completely. Don’t go without sunblock and risk a burn simply to treat acne because it won’t work. Enjoy the sun, but don’t over-indulge.