10 Cool Fall 2016 Fashion Trends


A big indicator for what will be on the shelves throughout the seasons is New York Fashion Week. You might find yourself wondering what pieces of your wardrobe are going to survive another couple of months or which ones need to get sorted out as soon as possible. Luckily, the trends have been defined and may be something you already own. Here are ten fall 2016 fashion trends that also were popular this summer.

1. Off-the-Shoulder Tops and Dresses

There is something about off-the-shoulder garments that is insanely comfortable and gorgeous all at once. And who does not want to feel sexy and free? Off-the-shoulder and boat necks are going to be ‘in’ for a while.

Not only can you find such shirts and dresses in a wide variety of styles and fabrics, they are now showing up for different occasions. For example, you can pair a slim-fit off-the-shoulder shirt with a boho choker or infinity scarf and some biker pants for a trendy look that matches the crisp fall days.

2. Chokers

Photo: pinterest.com

Remember wearing them in the 90s? I certainly do. When I saw that chokers were once again as a fall 2016 fashion trend, I honestly squealed. And now, they are not going away anytime soon. Even just the minimal velvet black choker adds a spark to your outfit. Plus you can layer chokers of various materials.

3. Bodysuits

Bye-bye crop tops! As a dancer, bodysuits are something that I love (because they are basically fashionable leotards). Plus, one of the virtues of bodysuits is that they instantly tie an outfit together. You don’t have to constantly concern yourself with re-tucking a shirt if you are at work or in a business environment. Not to mention that bodysuits look good with just about everything.

4. Lace-up Tops

These were everywhere at New York Fashion Week. Whether inspired by 1960s hippy fashion or 1990s Grunge, these tops make a statement that is, thankfully, sticking around for Pumpkin Spice season.

If you don’t like the plunging necklaces that some lace-up tops give, rest assured that there will be more conservative options coming out for the cooler weather. Or you can pair it with a corset top, since those are slowly regaining popularity.

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5. Dashiki Dresses

Though these dresses are originally from Ghana and traditionally worn by men, they have long been a popular and fun staple in the American wardrobe. You can find dashiki at various lengths and styles, but they will always be colorful and fun. Pair your favorite dashiki dress with some strappy heels for a night out or knee-high boots for a chic yet comfortable day out.

6. Bomber Jackets

Not a surprising addition to the top 10 fall 2016 fashion trends, bomber jackets seem to be a perpetually popular item for fashionable men and women around the globe. Even military clothing supplies have gotten in on the rush for these jackets.

Because some 90s trends are coming back into play, having a bomber jacket in your closet is crucial. Since the jackets should have a relaxed fit, the layering potential is endless. Bonus if your jacket has sheepskin lining, which was ubiquitous during the year’s New York Fashion Week.

7. Ripped and Reconstructed Jeans

Photo: pinterest.com

Let’s face it. Jeans will never fade from the fashion spotlight. But since fashion is taking cues from the 60, 70s and 90s this fall, of course ripped jeans are going to be big. Not to mention that jeans are naturally the blue that’s trending.

Reconstructed denim does not just have to apply to patchwork jeans, but you will be seeing a lot in the department stores. Both skinny and relaxed fit jeans look awesome with bomber jackets, bodysuits and lace-up tops.

8. Biker Pants

Also known as ‘moto jeans’ if comprised of denim, these form fitting pants have seen some revamping this year. What makes biker pants is not necessarily the fit by the designs around the knees and plethora of zippers.

Anyone who loves adding touches of edginess to their outfit will find that biker pants are an underestimated garment to have. This fall will introduce biker pants in a variety of colors and fabrics, like a sweat pant variation.

9. Rompers

Who doesn’t love the comforts of a romper? A variety of styles, both casual and formal, have been hitting the fashion industry lately. You can find rompers in a variety of colors, lengths and styles to fit your personal tastes and lifestyle perfectly. Since the popularity of the romper continues to skyrocket, you can assume that picking up a few for autumn and winter is a great investment.

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10. Mini Skirt Suit Sets

New York Fashion Week was abound with these. Names like Michael Kors and Jason Wu sent their models down the runway in sleek, sophisticated pieces that would look stellar in the office.

The major difference from the 90s when Cher first graced us with mini skirt suits sets to now is that color and print contrasting is acceptable, as well as toning down the business edge with t-shirts, bomber jackets and sweatshirts.

What is great about this fall 2016 fashion trends? You can buy these pieces and interchange them, ensuring a constantly trendy look for both day and night.