7 Best Ukrainian Pediatricians Bloggers


There are days when your child has a high fever, bad cough, or food poisoning. You don’t know how to help, and your doctor isn’t answering the phone. What to do in such a situation, especially for mothers of first-born babies who do not yet have experience in providing first aid?

If you cannot get a specialist’s consultation in time, we advise you to save our article in your bookmarks because we have compiled a list of the best children’s doctors-bloggers in Ukraine. They willingly respond to comments and, therefore, can help overcome the disease’s first symptoms.


Perhaps you have already seen articles with his recommendations on our website. And this is not surprising because Ihor Melnik is one of the best pediatricians in Kropyvnytskyi, where he comes from, but also in Ukraine. Therefore, we repeatedly turned to him for advice when writing our materials.

Ihor Melnik is a specialist of the highest category and has over 30 years of work experience. Currently, he is the head of the outpatient department of the general practice of family medicine. But the most important thing is that Ihor Melnik is a favorite doctor of many families.

During his work, more than one generation of children has grown up, and some of them already bring their babies for medical examination. For a year, Ihor Melnik has been giving consultations on his page on Instagram. There you can find useful tips for treating and preventing diseases in children of all ages.



Children’s pediatrician and neurologist from Vinnytsia Katerina Dekhtiar confirmed that professionalism does not depend on age and experience. The young and gentle doctor provides consultations not only in the medical center where she works. She also has an Instagram page where she responds to messages and comments from her followers.

“I help children to be healthy and parents to be happy” – this is how Katerina declared herself in her profile. Indeed, many parents are grateful to her for helping treat their babies.


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Olena Zelisko, who lives in Lviv, is not only an excellent pediatrician but also a dermatovenerologist. She manages to work at the Veselka Polyclinic and the St. Jeremiah Medical Center. In addition, she shares valuable advice with her followers.

“Being a doctor is a calling,” Olena wrote in one of the posts on her Instagram page. Considering a large number of grateful parents of little patients, Olena is truly God’s doctor.



Another blogger doctor from Lviv, Olena Bespalko, works not only as a pediatrician but is also versed in such a branch of medicine as neonatology. Neonatologists’ patients are newborns who require special medical care due to prematurity, intrauterine growth retardation, birth defects, low birth weight, sepsis, or congenital asphyxia.

Therefore, we can say that Olena is a narrow specialist. And blogger doctors in this area of medicine are a rarity. So, we advise you to pay attention to her Instagram page. She posts on topics such as breastfeeding, vaccinations, and other aspects of caring for young children. It is also worth noting that Olena is a mother of many children, therefore, she has not only professional but also life experience in the care and treatment of children.



“Qualified, but with soul. I recommend.” – and many more positive reviews you will find on the page of the Kyiv pediatrician Lidia Babich. Many families turn to her for help due to her professionalism and dedication to her work. Lidia is the owner and founder of the Pediatrics with Love medical center. In her clinic, she has gathered the best specialists who help mothers, and their babies stay healthy.

Despite the large flow of patients, the doctor publishes useful and exciting posts on her Facebook page. The posts will provide information about baby food, breastfeeding, vaccinations, and a healthy lifestyle. And in August of this year, Lidia and other pediatricians took part in the marathon for World Breastfeeding Week.

More than 64 thousand people have already subscribed to her profile. Therefore, if you also want to be knowledgeable in the field of children’s health, we recommend you pay attention to the page of Lidia Babich.



If you need the help of a doctor online, pay attention to the page of pediatrician Olena Lutska and be sure that this consultation will be from a highly-qualified specialist. Olena Lutska is a doctor with 17 years of experience. She is a Ukrainian Academy of Pediatric Specialties member and the founder of the children’s clinic “Lama Lu.”

She has over 23,000 followers on her Instagram page. Olena’s posts with useful breastfeeding advice and other baby care tips will come in handy for every young mom.


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And, of course, we cannot help but mention the most famous pediatrician in our country, Yevgeny Komarovskiy. He is a doctor of the highest category and a candidate of medical sciences. Komarovsky is also the author of popular scientific articles and books and the host of the TV show Dr. Komarovskiy’s School.

He has an Instagram page, a youtube channel, and his own magazine website, where he publishes exclusive author’s materials, online courses, and medical pieces of advice. Doctor Komarovskiy became a favorite of the audience due to the accessible and humorous manner of presenting the material. Every Ukrainian mom took advantage of the eminent pediatrician’s advice at least once.

Yevgeny Komarovskiy is quite active on his Instagram page. In his profile, he publishes posts and videos related not only to treating children but also gives valuable tips on adults’ health and psychological state. Therefore, his account has become in demand not only for parents of babies. Now the page of the pediatrician blogger on Instagram is followed by 8.2 million users.


We hope that our article will help you keep your child healthy. However, remember that following only blogger doctors’ advice will not cure all diseases. Of course, they can consult you, but an accurate diagnosis can be made by a specialist during a medical examination.

What other names of blogger doctors do you know? Maybe some of them are narrow-profile specialists? Please leave a link to their accounts in the comments.