10 Cool Halloween Costumes 20 Something Girls Will Love


If you ever thought dressing a teenager was an awkward stage, welcome to your twenties, champ. You can finally rock the look you have always wanted without fear of being judged by a high school crowd.

With Halloween just around the corner, the time is perfect to spice up your wardrobe and come up with a wild, attention catching costume idea. Here are some unique costume ideas for 20 something girls that will stand out and leave a lasting impression:

1. Witch costume with a twist

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Witch costumes on Halloween are almost as old as the tradition itself. Spice up your witch look by dyeing hair gray and black, playing with spider web designs for makeup, and using black lipstick along with black eye shadow for a standout look.

2. BFF costume

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Yu cannot go wrong with a duo for Halloween. Dress up with your best friend this Halloween with Peanut Butter and Jelly costumes, Netflix and Chill look, Strawberry and Pineapple friends, or the ever popular Tom and Jerry look.

3. Lima Corpse look

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Get a few stares and cue people turning away in fright as the Lima Corpse look turns you into a walking horror.

4. Mickey and Minnie

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There is nothing more romantic than spending Halloween with your loved one. Pick out from cute couple costumes like Mickey and Minnie for an adorable look this Halloween.

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5. Captain Jack Sparrow

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Explore a wide number of pirate costumes using headscarves, old jewelry, and a simple white shirt to create a Jack Sparrow inspired look.

6. Thor themed look

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Add a bit of zing to your Halloween costume by adding Thor inspired helmets, weapons, belts, armor plates, and more. Looks creepy, doesn’t it?

7. Loki Cosplay

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One of the top ranking Cosplay costumes this year was inspired by Loki. You will need a dark colored gown, and you can then add on accessories and specially designed jewelry to complete the look.

8. Skellington

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A striped black and white dress or suit inspired by Skellington will garner quite a bit of attention. Don’t forget to add pale makeup or a head mask for a complete look.

9. Alice in Wonderland

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Who didn’t love Alice in Wonderland as a kid? It is time to try an Alice in Wonderland inspired costume this Halloween.

It is easier than you think with DIY bunny years, a simple frill skirt, and a bright colored top. A bright red or pink scarf tied in a bow is also a must, and don’t forget a large clock (or a purse with a printed clock glued on it).

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10. Wednesday Addam

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This look comes straight out of the Addam’s family and will be sure to add an unmatchable aura of Halloween to your personality. A knee-length black dress, knee-high socks, and black shoes set the stage for a night of scary fun.

Halloween is a time where you can feel and act like a kid for one night. Try out one of these cool costume ideas to add something new to your Halloween routine.