7 Most Essential DIY Skills You Should Learn


Every woman, especially if she is living alone, should know these important DIY skills. With this knowledge, you can fix some basic problems around the house without asking your husband or having to call in a pricey professional. Sure, there are things that must be left to the experts, but others are not so difficult to fix when you know how. Save a lot of money and time by learning a few essential DIY skills.

1. How to paint

If your apartment needs painting, why not paint it yourself? It’s so easy! Just grab some brush and roller and start painting! You don’t actually need a man or anyone else to do it for you! Just make sure you properly prepare the walls. Oh, don’t forget about those old sheets to protect your furniture!

2. How to clear blocked pipes

Another essential DIY skill you should learn is how to clear those terrible blocked pipes. I can tell you that it’s much cheaper when you do this yourself, even though you will need to get some tools for the job. I can clear blocked pipes and I believe that anyone can! It’s an easy yet messy job, so make sure you put down those old sheets and have some container to catch water. Who knows, maybe you will learn how to clear blocked drains too!?

3. How to hang wallpaper and tile

Decorating your home will be much cheaper than calling in a decorator. You just have to learn how to strip old wallpaper (I don’t think that’s a big problem!) and how to hang new paper. While this may seem a little daunting, there is a first time for everything. You should also learn how to tile the bathroom. It’s not that difficult, just mark the position of the tiles and try to measure carefully.

4. How to build furniture

I actually love putting some flat-pack furniture together and I don’t understand women who hate doing this! Really, ladies, why ask a man to build furniture, if you can do it yourself? Sure, you might need some help to hold the pieces of bigger furniture, but it’s so fun to put it together! Read the instructions carefully and use a small container to hold the screws.

5. How to do basic car maintenance

Knowing basic car maintenance will save you money and reduce the chances of being involved in a breakdown. Ask someone to show you how to check the oil level, water and tyre pressure. Moreover, you should know how to change the bulbs and a wheel. So if you are lucky to have a car, be sure to learn how to do basic car maintenance!

6. How to drill

Who said that drills are only for guys? You can also learn how to drill! I actually enjoy drilling, but I hate that noise! So grab a drill, and hang your favorite pictures, put up those shelves and build furniture. Now, you don’t have to ask your man and wait until he does it. You can do it yourself! Just be sure to wear safety glasses and ensure that your hair does not get in the way. If you are going to drill indoors, use a gadget that checks for the presence of electric cables and water pipes in the wall.

7. Master woodwork

Do you want to make all kinds of interesting things for your home and garden? If yes, then you should master some simple woodwork. Again, it’s not difficult you just have to enjoy doing it!

Every woman is perfectly capable of doing essential DIY. You should learn these DIY skills so that you can do your own work around the house. What DIY skills have you already learned? Which other essential DIY skills should every woman know? Please comment below and thanks for reading!