10 Common Celebrity Makeup Mistakes You Should Avoid


Even the best celebrities make some terrible mistakes in public appearances, making them the object of all jokes. While some of mistakes are negligible and understandable, others are total fashion disasters.

Regardless of the number of times these mistakes are referred to, they continue to be committed for unknown reasons. Here are 10 common celebrity makeup mistakes you should avoid.

1. Fake tan

Getting a nice tanned skin is beautiful, but many people get it right and others get it extremely wrong. An actress and singer Lindsay Lohan gets it wrong lots of times.

It is necessary not to make the tan look one-dimensional and this happens when it’s applied thick on different parts of the body. Considering natural body contours is important to get a professional and beautiful finish.

2. Too much powder

This is one of the most common celebrity makeup mistakes you should avoid. Wearing too much powder on face can result in different terrible consequences. It easily possesses the ability to reveal wrinkles and facial lines when powder is excessive on the overall face.

It is also awful when powder is applied excessively on some parts of the face like nose, mouth area, or cheeks. Lack of time might be the only thing blamed for this terrible mistake.

3. Wrong foundation

Picking the wrong foundation color does more harm than good. Sometimes celebrities do the former and effortlessly expose the clogged pores on their face. To prevent a bumpy look and get a smooth skin, don’t use a moisturizer before applying foundation.

4. Gothic makeup

Gothic makeup might make some women look beautiful, as there is lots of emphasis on eyes to get a smokey eyes appearance. But, some celebrities just don’t know where to stop. Dark eye makeup can make you look more ghostly but not elegantly gothic.

5. Under eye concealer

Stress, late night parties and lack of sleep define a celebrity’s life. That’s why, they often have dark circles under their eyes.

Using a concealer is probably the best thing to do, but too much of it doesn’t mean flawless coverage. Under eye concealer can render a ghostly appearance and can make you look worse.

6. Wrong blush

Picking the wrong blush color for your complexion and skin tone is another mistake you should avoid when applying makeup. Unfortunately, even the most fashion conscious celebrities have no awareness of their body and style. They often make such appallingly huge mistake.

7. Lipstick on teeth

Many celebrities are not spared from this fashion disaster. Lipstick on your teeth cannot be visible until you open your mouth.

However, when you do so to either flash a smile or talk, you know how awful it is. Lipstick on teeth is not beautiful and white teeth are the best thing to have. Dab off excessive lipstick on your lips before stepping out.

8. Shiny face

Creaminess and oiliness shown on your face will not make your face look beautiful. But most celebrities have made this common mistake over and over again and they don’t seem to come out of it.

9. Excess makeover

Usually, too much makeup is as bad as no makeup or even worse. Every woman wants to achieve the naturally beautiful look.

No matter your age, excess makeover makes you look worse. Excess makeover is one of the most common celebrity makeup mistakes you should avoid.

10. Sparkle and shine

Having a sparkling personality and a twinkle in your eyes are great things, but a very shiny body looks absolutely awful. Sparkles and shine are wonderful on a Christmas tree, but not on celebrities.

These are some common celebrity makeup mistakes you should definitely avoid. Do you have something to add? Share your thoughts, please.