8 Wrong Beliefs You Should Be Done With Today


Happy and independent people march to their own beat. They follow their dreams and seem to live exciting lives.

Do you believe you cannot live the life you deserve or want? Do you feel the need to follow the crowd? Are you afraid you will never fit it? Do you feel like you are completely invisible to others?

These are the questions that you have to ask yourself when you are feeling stuck in life. Wrong beliefs often lead to a wasted life. You become a stranger to yourself.

You stop understanding yourself and you feel like you don’t deserve to this world. If this sounds familiar to you, read on and see what wrong beliefs you should be done with.

1. I must pretend I care about…

Do you care about your friend’s relationship drama? Do you care about your coworker’s broken nails? Do you care about your neighbor’s problems?

Whatever you do not care about, stop it. Pretending is making you weak. It is killing your identity.

Start caring about yourself, instead. Besides, are you sure someone else, except your family and close friends, cares about you?

2. Failure is my curse

Fears from the past often take place in the present. If you have faced dozens of failures, you probably believe that whatever you wanna do, it is going to be a total failure.

The thing with failure is that most of us have trouble recognizing that all types of failures in themselves are our achievements. No use worrying about failure. Otherwise, you may end up living a life full of regrets.

3. I will wait for a better day

What better day may not come at all. Life is full of waits and expectations. We are waiting for Friday, for a paycheck, for vacation, for love, and for anything you think will make you happier.

Stop waiting. Live in the present. Each day can be a better day. You always have a choice. They say, live as if you will die today. I absolutely agree with that.

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4. There is no sense in trying to reach my goal, my friend will do it faster

No matter what your dreams and goals are, there is someone out there who has them too. Does it mean you should give up? If you think yes, then sorry, but you are crazy.

First of all, who said your friend (or whoever) will reach that goal faster? Even if they will, you should not care about it.

If that goal will make you successful or happy, be sure to achieve it even if others are trying to do the same. Ignore others, embrace yourself.

5. I am the only one who has so many flaws

Insecurities never leave us alone. While some control them, others let their insecurities affect their lives. Flaws make us who we are. They make us different.

Spending life worrying about imperfections is a deep misery. Everyone has tons of flaws. Accept this fact and fall in love with your imperfections for good.

6. I will never have what they have

Feeling jealous is the norm. This feeling may help you achieve higher goals and take extra miles when others refuse to act. Everyone can sit and complain about how unsuccessful or unhappy they are.

But only a few can stand up and do something in order to have what they need or wish. Instead of feeling jealous of your siblings, friends, coworkers, or neighbors, feel happy for them. You can have whatever you want and even more, the only thing you need is a strong desire.

7. I am doomed to be alone

As soon as you stop telling yourself these horrible words, you will find your soulmate. Just like with money, we do not have them because we do nothing to earn them.

If you are not looking for your soulmate, how do you suppose to meet them? Take risks. Rejection is not the end of the world.

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8. I must stay…

Every sentence that starts with the words ‘I must stay’ is a wrong belief you should be done with. ‘I must stay in my dead-end job because I need to pay the bills.’ ‘I must stay in an abusive relationship because of my children/home/fear of being alone.’

‘I must stay at the party otherwise they will think I am a nerd.’ And so on and so forth. The only thing I can say: You must not do that under any circumstances.

If you have any of these wrong beliefs in your mind, it is time to get rid of them. Ditch comparison, jealousy, insecurities, and doubts. Make your dreams and wishes a top priority and you will see how life will get better then.

What wrong beliefs are holding you back in life? Have you already recognized them?