10 Best Techniques for Shaping Your Nails


Fingernails come in all different shapes and sizes, but sometimes we aren’t happy with the hand (literally) we’ve been dealt. The good news is that nails are easy to form into just about any shape you desire.

Some people shape their nails for cosmetic reasons while others, like classic guitar players, shape their nails for functional reasons. The following techniques will help you shape your nails easily, safely, and effectively no matter what your motivations.

1. Straighten Side Walls

If you want square, oval, rounded, or almond-shaped nails, then you need to start by straightening the side walls. All of these shapes begin as a square and that requires you to file the sides of your nails until they are perfectly parallel to one another. When you have straightened the sides of your nails, then can you begin shaping the tips.