7 Things to Sterilize for Your Little One


If you’re preparing for your new little one, you need to know a few things to sterilize before giving them to your baby for the first time! Even if these things are brand new, it’s still important to sterilize them. Read on to learn some things to sterilize for your little one!

1. Baby bottles

Baby bottles are among the most important things to sterilize for your baby! You don’t need to purchase a steamer or fancy machine for sterilizing bottles. Just drop bottles into boiling water for about 5 minutes. Remove and allow them to air dry!

Make sure water’s boiling before you drop baby bottles in and be sure to have enough water to cover them. Don’t forget to wash the bottles with water and soap first. It’s very important!

2. Nipples

Sure, nipples must be sterilized! Use the same technique as for baby bottles, but be very careful! Don’t boil the nipples for more than 5 minutes. Or you risk increasing size of hole and even choking your little one!

3. Thermometers

You must have two thermometers for your bundle of joy. One for oral use, and one for anal use. Make sure you never confuse them! Thermometers are so easy to sterilize, just clean them with rubbing alcohol and they are ready!

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4. Nose bulbs

If nose bulbs are not sterilized well at least once every two months, they will have mold inside of them. Wash nose bulb inside and out with a hot water and mild soap.

Allow it to air dry, and boil it for 5 minutes. Allow it to air dry once again, and rub the outside of the bulb with rubbing alcohol.

5. Pacifiers

Pacifiers must be sterilized not only initially, but also every few months, since they end up in many places and also come into contact with lots of surfaces, so you should be safe. Use pacifier-cleaning wipes or just boil them every time.

6. Clothes

Many moms don’t even think about sterilizing their baby’s clothes as well as blankets! No matter whether they are brand new or hand-me-downs, you should definitely sterilize them. Wash baby clothing in hot water with a detergent specifically formulated for baby.

Add color-safe bleach, if you feel the need. Dry the clothing on the hottest setting your dryer has, and to prevent static use a fabric softener sheet. Now your baby’s clothing are clean, safe and ready to wear!

7. Teething toys

The last things to sterilize for your little one are teething toys and any other kind of toys go into your baby’s mouth. You don’t have to boil them, but you can use pacifier cleaning wipes or baby wipes to wipe them down as often as possible. Hard toys can be washed with a mild soap and soft toys can be tossed in the washer!

It’s always a great idea to clean or wash anything before the first use with your new little one. Infants have low immune systems and sensitive skin, so you should protect your baby from the harmful germs!

What other items must be sterilized before giving them to baby? Share your thoughts, please!