15 Steps to the Perfect Smoky Eye Look


Do you want to create the perfect smoky eye look, but you don’t know how to get it? Keep reading these 15 steps to the perfect smoky eye look, it’s easier to do it than you think!

1. Practice

If you plan to make a new smoky eye look at a special event, it’s important to practice before the appointed time. Practice allows you to improve your makeup skills and choose the right color shadows and eyeliners. It also helps you to get the perfect smoky eye look right before the significant event!

2. Use the right tools

Before you start making smoky eyes, take all necessary makeup tools such as two or three small shadow brushes, a few cotton swabs, etc. Use the right tools to get the perfect smoky eye look!

3. Clean your eyes

It’s very important to remove all eye makeup before you start making your smoky eye look. Every painter needs a fresh canvas to create a masterpiece, remember that!

4. Don’t forget about your brows

You’ll look more bright and your makeup will apply easier only when your brows are tweezed and shaped. Otherwise, you’ll risk smudging your makeup with tweezing stray hairs.

5. Use the right colors

The best colors for smoky eyes are grey and black. If you have green eyes, use deep purples, blue eyes – browns colors, brown eyes – blues colors. By the way, check out this article about makeup for a stunning look).

6. Experiment with trademarks

If you can’t find desired eye shadow or liner of your favorite trademark, you should try something new. I recommend you MAC, they have so many colors that you for sure find some you liked.

7. Use eye shadow primer

Before you start on your smoky eyes, you should apply a good eye shadow primer. It nicely covers veins and freckles on your lids.

8. Use concealer

Before you start on your makeup, use concealer to hide your dark circles. I’m sure you want everyone to notice your passionate, smoky eyes, but not the dark circles underneath them.

9. Use eyeliner

And now, let start with your makeup! The first step is to line your eyes with dark eyeliner.

There are plenty of good pencils, for blue eyes you need gold eyeliner, for green eyes – a deep, rich purple. Apply the eyeliner as close to your lash line as possible, then smudge it so the line is feathery, not heavy-looking or clumpy.

10. Apply eye shadow

Now it’s time to put on eye shadow. Apply a dark color on top of your liner, and cover your entire lid, all the way across from the inside to the outside.

Then take a lighter eye shadow and apply it in the middle of your eyelid, and brush it slightly along your lower lash line. Finally, lightly apply the darker shade along your lower lash line.

11. Use layers

It’s very important to use layers when you put on the shadow. Don’t apply a thick layer all at once. The light layering will provide intensity and dimension to your smoky eye look.

12. Put on mascara

The next step is putting on two or three coats of mascara. You may use black or brown-black mascara, depending on the color of eyeliner and shadows you’ve used. Between coats, let your layers of mascara dry, otherwise, it may look clumpy.

13. Use false lashes

If you want to have a more effective smoky eye look, you should apply false lashes before you put on the primer and concealer. Wait some time to dry before you start on your makeup.

14. Clean up

When you applied eyeliner, shadow, and mascara use clean cotton swabs to remove any smears or smudges on your face. If necessary, put on a little more concealer.

15. Don’t overdo with your makeup

When your smoky eyes are made, your face is almost done. Don’t use any blush or bronzer, and forget about bright lips. Use nude lips or a pale pink gloss. You have a perfect smoky eye look, that’s everything you need!

Using these 15 steps will help you to have a passionate, sexy smoky eye look. Some practice and you’ll be a pro in making perfect smoky eye makeup!

Which of these steps surprised you? Which of them do you think will help you get the smoky eye look? Maybe you have another smoky eye advice, share, please.