7 Outdated Beauty Items to Toss Out Right Away


These beauty items were all the rage in 90s and early 2000s, but you do not need them these days. Firstly, they are not good for your skin. Secondly, you just waste your money on them.

The worst thing is that it is impossible to imagine your makeup routine without them. But before you call me crazy, read on and see if I am right or I am just another beauty freak that loves to invest in brand new beauty items.

1. Fake eyelashes

Men say women are obsessed over fake looks, and they are right. Fake eyelashes, fake lips, fake nails, fake hair, fake breasts and even fake butt. Okay, maybe I over-used the word ‘fake’ but the truth is evident.

Fake eyelashes damage your natural lashes, cause achy eyelids and red itchy eyes. They do not look beautiful anymore. Invest in a high quality mascara instead. It works just as well as fake eyelashes.

2. Tweezers

Tweezing is a cheap and easy way to shape your eyebrows and get rid of unwanted hair, but tweezers are not safe at all.

Every time you pull a hair out of the skin, your skin actually loses its elasticity, not to mention the pain and irritation. We live in the age of modern beauty innovations, and there are many other ways to get rid of the hair, like waxing.

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3. Lash curlers

Lash curlers help to get those doll lashes, but did you ever think about the damage they cause? You do not need fake eyelashes and lash curlers to make your eyes pop.

All you need is the right mascara and eyeliner. Stop torturing your eyes, give them a break. Even celebrities toss out their lash curlers so follow the example.

4. Paddle hairbrushes

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to promote tangle teezers and other expensive hairbrushes. However, paddle hairbrushes are one of the worst things you can do to your locks.

They cause breakage and worsen hair loss. Boar bristle brushes are great alternative. They have soft bristles and fibers that do not damage your hair and do not irritate your scalp.

5. Makeup sponges

Makeup sponges promise flawless coverage, but all they do it just collect bacteria, waste expensive beauty products and cause breakouts. Even though women have been using makeup sponges for decades, today there are many great alternatives to choose.

Consider makeup brushes (they are super easy to clean and use) and beauty blenders. If you use beauty blenders, remember that they also collect bacteria, so change it once a month even if you wash them regularly.

6. Stick foundation

Stick foundations are versatile and compact, but they are hard to apply and the result is the blotchy, clownish skin and tone. Liquid and think foundation is not the best option too. My suggestion is of course BB creams. They do not clog pores and you will not even notice that you wear the one.

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7. Pumice stones

Leave them for your grandma if she does not want to use scrubs. But do not ruin your feet with harsh pumice stones. You can either use store-bought scrubs or make your own sugar scrub.

Whatever you choose, it will not be a pumice stone that cause irritation and dryness. If you cannot toss out this beauty item, at least make sure you moisturize your feet after the procedure.

These are all the outdated beauty items you do not need anymore. We, girls, tend to complicate our beauty routines and pack our makeup bags with the items we do not actually use. Simplify your beauty routine today and make your life a bit easier. What beauty items are you ready to throw away right now?