7 Style and Beauty Trends That Men Hate


Sometimes men can be very picky and perhaps they have a really long list called ‘style and beauty trends that men hate.’ But, don’t worry! If you like it, then wear it!

Sure, listen to your man’s opinion, but keep in mind that often guys just don’t know what they want! Even though this is a list of style and beauty trends that men don’t like, if you love it, go ahead and rock it!

1. Bright hair color

One of the trends that throw men’s eyes off is bright hair color. While the look is a little punky, if you wear a beautiful classy dress it won’t work.

Men prefer more natural hair color on women. So, the next time you will want to dye your hair bright pink, think twice!

2. Bright lips

Men are known to hate bright lipstick colors on women, because they want your lips to be kissable. If a man goes in for a kiss and then has red lipstick all over his face, he doesn’t like it.

But, it doesn’t mean that you should throw away your bright red lipstick! Just don’t wear it on date night!

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3. Bold eyebrows

No guy likes girls with eyebrows that are thicker than his. Guys like girls who take care of themselves, and tweezing eyebrows is a must! Even though this year is all about thick eyebrows, it’s better to skip this trend!

4. Maxi dress

I really don’t like maxi dresses and I understand men who hate them too! A maxi dress is shapeless and it can make you look frumpy.

Men like to see the natural movement and curves of woman’s body. And legs, of course!

Once you cover up your legs, your boyfriend gets upset. Regardless of your facial beauty he still loves to see more of you!

5. Ugg boots

Although I don’t wear ugg boots, each time a woman walks past with them on, my boyfriend cringes. He always says that these boots look like elephant feet and they make the legs look really frumpy. I agree with him! And you?

6. Top sock buns

I love this and I don’t care that guys hate it! My boyfriend gets thrown off with thinking there’s actually a sock in my hair. Plus, it has that 50’s vibe that men don’t understand. Men love long hair and pony tails, but they hate buns!

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7. Ombre

I love ombre and I don’t understand why most guys don’t like it. It really throws men off! They just hate the look of you not caring of your roots. I know guys who like the more highlighted look of ombre, but others guys I’ve spoken to say it looks ugly and cheap!

I’m sure that most of us have tried at least 2-3 of the above style and beauty trends. Even though my boyfriend hates the bright lipstick, I do still wear it! So, ladies, wear whatever you want, but keep in mind this list just in case!

Which of these trends do you like? Please comment below.