10 Best Ways to Plump Up Thin Lips


Many people turn to surgery to enhance their appearance and the lips are no exception. Sure, surgery comes with risk and isn’t always effective.

There are plenty of non-surgical tricks any woman can use to make thin lips look plumper and fuller. Here are ten of tricks to plump up thin lips.

1. Use a Rejuvenator

Certain proteins and hyaluronic acid make lips fuller by softening their lines. Look for a product that you apply at bedtime and leave on overnight.

Within a week or two you’ll notice results. After a few months, your lips will be substantially fuller.

2. Use Lip Liner

Highlighting your lips is a great way to make them appear fuller, but you have to do it correctly. Begin by choosing a liner that is one shade darker than the lipstick you are using. Then draw around the outline of both lips.

Next, use a highlighter to outline your upper lip only and pay special attention to the groove that runs from the top of your lip to your nose. White liner applied just to the notch along your upper lip can go a long way to making your mouth look fuller.

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3. Blend Two Lipsticks

To do this, apply the darker lipstick to the entire lip. Then, apply a lighter color starting at the center and blending outward. A shimmery gloss will help in the center as well.

Use a brush to help you get a subtle blend from one color to the next. Apply this technique to both lips.

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4. Wear Pink

Pink lipstick reflects the most light and is flattering on almost every skin tone. Some lipsticks are even advertised as “plumping” because they cause your lips to swell slightly. A glossy or shimmery lipstick will also make your lips look fuller.

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5. Apply Menthol

Menthol causes your lips to swell, so apply a product containing menthol directly to your lips. The effect will last for several hours, so there is no need to reapply frequently. There are lipsticks that contain menthol specifically for this purpose, but you can also find it in other forms.

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6. Protect Your Plump

Ultraviolet light from the sun can damage collagen, but many of us don’t think about our lips when applying sunblock. Protect the collagen in your lips by applying a balm with an SPF of at least 30 on a daily basis.

UV-A is the real culprit, so check the packaging of the product to make sure it protects against UV-A.

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7. Exfoliate

Exfoliating your lips does two things. First, it removes rough, dead, dry skin cells that cause your lips to look dull and flat. More importantly, exfoliating increases circulation to your lips and that makes them look fuller and gives them more color.

The best exfoliant for lips is a mixture of sugar and water. Add just enough water to make the sugar pasty (so not much) and then apply it in small circles. Be gentle with the application.

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8. Apply Natural Plumpers

Menthol is a natural plumping agent, but so are clove oil, niacin, cinnamon, and honey. Any of these can be safely applied to your lips multiple times per day.

Niacin is probably the easiest to use because it comes in liquid form and can be carried about in a small bottle. If you use cinnamon and honey, you’ll smell great and taste sweet.

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9. Vaseline

Vaseline is a good way to add a little extra shine that will make your lips look fuller. Vaseline also moisturizes and softens skin, making your lips more kissable. For extra effect, run a wet finger over the Vaseline after you apply it. This effect won’t last long, but it will give you a lot of fullness while it does.

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10. Smack Them

Be careful with this one so as not to suffer a plumping injury. Giving your lips a gentle thumping with your fingers can be used to produce a fuller look when you’re in a jam. Don’t do this often or with too much force, however, because it can lead to bruising.

The same effect can be obtained by pursing your lips together repeatedly for several minutes or smacking them together to make a popping sound. If your lips start to feel numb, that’s a good sign you should stop.

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Fuller Lips

If everyone looked the same, we’d all get bored pretty quickly. Work with what you have and make the most of your special brand of beauty. Thin lips can be just as beautiful as plump lips, so don’t take drastic measures just to fatten things up.

The keys to pretty lips are bright colors and lots of gloss. Dry lips are never appealing, so take care of your skin and moisturize daily.