10 Heatwave Essentials Every Woman Should Have


The hot summer months can wreak havoc on your beauty routine. Even if you leave the house with perfect makeup and hair, it can rapidly deteriorate when things heat up. To prevent this, you need to arm yourself against the heat. With these handy items in your arsenal, you will look great all day long.

1. Water bottle

Water is a must have for everyone on sweltering days. Staying hydrated keeps skin looking great. When you become dehydrated, it is readily noticeable in your face as your skin sags and becomes dull. Dehydration is surprisingly common, yet easily remedied. If you dislike plain water, try adding a squeeze of lime or a handful of fresh mint leaves to your bottle. Cucumber or apple slices also flavor water without adding chemicals or too many calories.

2. Blotting tissues

Your skin goes into overdrive in the summer heat and produces more oil than normal. While this may be all natural, it will give your face an unattractive shine. Use blotting tissues to absorb excess oil and keep your face shine free. Some blotting tissues are even infused with essential oils to give you a little aromatherapy while you eliminate grease. You can find the tissues wherever makeup is sold.

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3. Sunscreen

A good sunscreen is essential for preventing sunburn, but it is also useful in the long run. Apply a sunscreen with at least a rating of 40 SPF to protect against age spots, wrinkles and other problems with your skin. Any area of your body that is exposed to the sun should be protected, but your hands and face are particularly important. You will be thankful you used sunscreen ten years from now.

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4. Makeup primer

Primer is a definite necessity during hot weather. Without it, your makeup is likely to slide right off your face. Save yourself the embarrassment and smooth on a little primer before you apply your regular makeup. It takes less than a minute to apply and keeps your makeup looking fresh even when you’re melting inside. Use primer after you have moisturized and before your foundation. If you use a tinted primer, you may not even need foundation. Less is more when you are dealing with hot weather.

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5. Waterproof mascara

Keep your peepers bright and noticeable in a good way with waterproof mascara. Regular eyelash enhancers will start to smudge once you begin to perspire, so opt for something that will last all day long. There’s no good reason to look like a raccoon halfway through the morning.

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6. Lip balms

Most lipstick brands are too heavy for summer use. Instead, choose a light lip balm with built in sunscreen. Not only will it protect your lips, it is easy to reapply as needed. Lip balms are usually tinted, so you can give your lips a hint of color without going overboard. Pick a balm you can smooth on with a finger for the best results.

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7. Moisturizer

A light moisturizer is a must when you are overheating every day. While you don’t need to carry it with you, make sure you moisturize every evening. Your hands and face are particularly important, as they bear the brunt of the sun each day. Apply a little in the morning under your primer to ensure your skin is protected throughout the day. Select a light lotion that will be absorbed rapidly into the skin. Tinted moisturizer eliminates the need for foundation and can simplify your makeup routine.

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8. Sunglasses

Protecting your eyes from harsh rays will do more than prevent headaches. You will also reduce the stress on your eyes and prevent the fine lines around them. Fine lines and crow’s feet are exaggerated by squinting. Since bright light will have you scrunching up your eyes, it’s best to avoid this beauty issue by donning a nice pair of sunglasses. You’ll look hip and keep wrinkles at bay at the same time.

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9. Baby powder

While talcum powder is traditionally used for baby bottoms, it has a very practical purpose on overly warm days. Smooth it on your body in areas that tend to sweat more, such as your back, armpits and any folds of skin. The powder will absorb any perspiration and keep you dry and comfortable. It’s also handy for your shoes, to prevent slippage from damp feet.

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10. Barrettes

Keeping your hair off your face on sweltering days will help keep you cooler. Sweaty locks of hair looks stringy and gross. They never look great hanging in your face, so pull the front pieces of your hair back with a cute barrette. There are plenty of options available to keep you looking fashionable.

It may be tougher to stay gorgeous in the heat, but with these essentials, you’ll be cool and dry when everyone else is struggling to keep their makeup on their face.